Why Study Public Administration and What Is Its Future?

Why Study Public Administration and What is Its Future

History, science, literature, engineering… there are so many subjects in our universities. It is difficult to decide which subject I will read about. In this section on dreaming, we introduce each subject. However, Here has described the study of public administration and its future. Before going to the main topic we should know what can learn from PA.

What is Taught in Public Administration?

We are involved with the administration everywhere from birth. We have to go to some office to get a paper or a certificate. That office has some rules that we have to read. One thing is clear here, the government has two functions — service and management.

The government provides some services. And some rules have to follow in providing these services. How the government can fulfill these two tasks keeping the service of the people in the forefront is the main issue of public administration or PA. Again, the policies adopted by the government have two steps. Policy formulation and policy implementation. It is commonly said that the main function of PA is secondary. Parliament or the legislature is responsible for formulating policies. But indirectly an administrator can also play a role here. For these reasons, the administration cannot be completely separate from politics. So the basic theories of PA have come from political science, but also from management. And the concept of ‘managerial’ is actually the next step in the concept of public administration. Its main principles involve POSDCORB.

It Also Taugh Us

We teach some theoretical subjects at the beginning of university life to explain these to a student. In addition to the purely theoretical aspects of administration, the subjects are the core of sociology. Such as economics, sociology, political science, etc. are taught. We also give a basic idea about accounting and information technology. Later we started to talk about the practical aspects, such as the history of administration and politics in Bangladesh, our local government, etc. After all this, the students got into a little comparative discussion. In addition to comparing our public administration with other countries, we have to read some issues related to business, such as human resource management, bank management, etc. The fourth-year study is research. Recent developments in the administration have also been reported.

What is the Future of Public Administration?

When we were students, there was very little reading about business administration in the curriculum. But now our curriculum is very different. The reason for this difference is that this is the demand of the time. It can see that they are highly capitalist states, but they have built PA schools as economically based. Again, relatively less capitalist states have put history, socio-economic contexts at the forefront of their curriculum. In this way we have also changed over time as required, and will continue to do so. However, no matter what changes are made in the curriculum, the basic premise is that it will be okay to follow the rules with the aim of serving the people. For this reason, the future of public administration is also bright.

Where is the Career?

As career students, first of all, we have BCS in our heads. This is our main goal so that our boys who have studied here get a place in government posts. However, it is not the case that everyone is an administration cadre after reading public administration, or that no one from another department can be an administration cadre. Our Civil Service Examination is open to all departments. However, the difference with the students of other departments is that after passing the test, they have to learn some things which our students have already learned and joined. In addition to BCS, we also value private employment. Reading some of the basics of economics at the beginning of graduation and later taking some comparative courses also opened the way for our students to get private jobs or work in banks.

Who Should Read?

Many here can disagree with me. However, in my opinion, those who have the mentality to serve should read public administration. And it is more needed in countries like ours. One of our teachers used to say about government work, ‘I get paid for coming and going, I want more in return for my work. ‘

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