Why Is a VoIP Phone System Getting Successful and Popular for Small Businesses in the USA?

The technology that a small business relies on can be the deciding factor between exceptional growth and middling stagnation. And even within a category as familiar as phone systems, options abound. Since the introduction of the first commercial VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system in 1995,  businesses have steadily been making their way from classic, landline-based phone systems to modern, web-based solutions. So what’s motivating companies to ditch their traditional tools and get on board with VoIP? And more importantly, is it the right move for you? Therefore, in these modern days, many companies are now using a VoIP phone system.

When your small business (SMB) is investing time and money into your phone systems, isn’t it important to make sure you’re getting what you deserve? Business VoIP is one effective phone solution for telecom support that encourages the growth and success of any business.

Before we get into business VoIP and your SMB, and the top 5 benefits of digital phone systems, let’s start with the basics.

 VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the transmission of communications over the internet. To simplify, VoIP is a digital phone system. VoIP helps reduce network infrastructure costs, allows phone system providers to deliver voice services over their private network, and promotes organizations to operate using just their voice. If you are bored of using an old office phone then you should use these VoIP services. 

New technology is sometimes intimidating or something that you don’t have time to invest in at the moment. If you are a small business owner or office manager, when do you have the time to research new technology? With the ever-evolving market of telecom, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the enhancements of phone systems and how these advancements are changing the way we work and communicate. However, many companies are now using cloud PBX in their business. 

Benefits of using a VoIP Phone System

Lowered Costs

As I mentioned above, VoIP uses Internet Protocol (IP) to make calls. By the way, these calls can mean voice calls over the phone, or even audio and video conferencing calls. Instead of using telephone lines, all communicative data is sent over an IP network. When placing calls over traditional phone lines, there’s a line taken up by the two (or more) callers using it. Since there are only so many lines that can be installed, calls placed over landlines are costly. Many companies are now using VoIP services instead of using an old office phone. 

Mobile Services 

How many locations does your business have? Do you have any employees who work remotely? VoIP services can significantly help out your business because these services follow where you and your employees go.

When talking about a traditional phone system, there’s a line that runs to either a home or business and is assigned to its phone number. Any movement that takes place is problematic as the user is forced to remember the right codes or keys to dial on their phone. 


We would be lying if we said there wasn’t a concern about VoIP reliability because of how this digital phone system functions solely over an internet connection. If the internet or network goes down, VoIP does too, right? Well, not necessarily. VoIP features, such as call-forwarding, help make VoIP systems pretty flexible. What is call forwarding? Call forwarding is a feature allowing calls made to one number to be forwarded to another specified number. For example, many workers enable a setting on their desk phone that if they’re unable to answer a call, the call is then forwarded to their cell phone, or even their laptop. 

Easy Implementation and Continuity 

One of the most exciting things about VoIP is how easy it is to use. From installation, implementation, and continued maintenance, a digital phone system eliminates the need for service technicians to continually have to run phone wires through your office. VoIP software also makes it straightforward for users. Depending on the software you use, you’ll find simplicity in many features, such as adding new users or easy mobility through an online portal. In these modern days, many companies are now using cloud PBX in their businesses. 

Final Thoughts

At IPPBX, we understand that business technology solutions can sometimes seem overwhelming or confusing. Leave it up to us to research for you, so that you can spend your time on more pressing tasks. We’re here to guide you and give you the resources you need to make the best purchasing decisions for your company. Therefore, companies are now using a VoIP phone system in their small businesses. 

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