Where To Stay Malta: Neighborhoods & Area Guide

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, Malta and its islands are thought to receive more than 2.5 million visitors each year. The nation is renowned for the value it accords to the arts, the historical sites it has preserved, the delectable food it produces, and the otherworldly travel destinations it provides. There are countless exciting festivals and events to attend in this land. Your decision about where to stay during your vacation on the island of Malta will be aided by the information in this post.

Malta has a variety of hotels, ranging from affordable bed & breakfasts to opulent five-star hotels. Additionally, it has a growing rental market for apartments for vacations. You can choose from a variety of hotel alternatives to help you explore the country. Both opulent resorts and inexpensive hotels are located close to popular destinations. There are also motels in more remote locations. You are on your own to decide where to stay in malta. You can work within your financial constraints.

Let’s talk about the greatest places to stay in Malta.


Many who visit Malta live in Sliema. There is a wide range of hotels for all budgets. However, because it’s a premium tourist location, the prices tend to go up. This area is well-known for its extensive range of commercial shops, and promenade that extends for kilometers to Valletta. Vibrant bars and fine dining establishments offer great food and entertainment along the promenade.

You can also arrange boat trips and tours from other parts of the island. Sliema has many tour operators so you don’t have to go far to find the best one. The city boasts a magnificent view of Valletta. Sliema caters to both married couples and families. There is an amusement center and rocky beaches. Some areas have been fenced off so that children can enjoy them. Few places can offer a romantic dinner where you can lift your table 120ft into the air. You will have a magnificent view of the entire country while eating delicious food.

St. Julian’s

St. Julian’s will let you know that it is well-suited for stag and/or hen parties, as well as for weekend getaways. It is the central hub for nightlife in Malta. This club features every musical style. The clubs often play electronica or new dance music. You may even hear the same tune in Malta a few weeks later. St. Julian’s is great because locals love to come here after a hard day’s work. Instead of meeting Maltese people just to order a drink, you can get a feel for the people here.

You can hop from one club in a hurry because the clubs are very close. You’ll find plenty of taxi companies and buses in the region. It is also located close to Sliema where you will find more entertainment options and accommodation.


Valletta Malta’s capital city is home to a lot of Malta’s history, culture, and heritage. Many of the capital buildings have been rebuilt by investors. Many of the buildings were restored or repaired to their original state, and the museums were redesigned. They now have great exhibits that tell Malta’s story in compelling and easy-to-understand terms.

The city boasts many nightlife hotspots and many historic buildings. These buildings were built during The Knights of Malta’s rule of the island in the 16th century. Valletta is a great spot to stay if plan to spend a few days in the capital. Hotels tend to be costlier due to their exclusivity. Like Sliema, you can arrange a variety of tours to take you to other parts.

Victoria/ Rabat

Malta is composed of three islands, Gozo being number two. It is located north of Malta and has a very different feel to Malta. Victoria / Rabat serves as the capital of Gozo. It is often called the heart and dominates the impressive Cittadella. It is centrally located in Victoria. Here you will find vibrant markets and old streets. Victoria’s small size means that it is easy to travel by bus or taxi and rent a car. Victoria, a historical city, is situated close to the coast.


Mellieha, a great location to stay near the coast, can be found by hopping back to the larger islands. It features historic buildings with a spectacular view of Azure Waters. You can enjoy many water sports here such as jet-skiing or parachuting. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Golden Bay on either side of Mellieha have sandy beaches that you can relax on. It has many historical places that are equally important.


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