What Is An Oral Surgeons?

Oral surgeons are usually considered experts in maxillofacial and oral surgery. This is one of nine specializations that the American Dental Association has approved.

Santa Monica Center doctors can diagnose and treat cosmetic and functional problems in the mouth, jaws, and face with surgical procedures. This is done using a variety of techniques. Your oral surgeon might collaborate with other dentists to ensure you get the best care possible at every stage. Please read on for more information about our doctors’ services and approach.

What Education Is Required To Become A Specialist In Oral Surgery?

Those who wish to specialize in oral surgery must have a degree in dentistry from a recognized school. These surgeons also have extensive training that has prepared them for complex surgical procedures.

Oral surgeons usually focus their education on one of four subspecialties: trauma (the study and treatment of diseases and their consequences), pathology (the study and treatment of diseases and their consequences), orthopedic (jaw-related), and reconstructive surgery. Although four years is the minimum required education, many medical professionals complete residencies to gain more experience.

What Are The Different Types Of Operations An Oral Surgeon Can Perform?

Brentwood oral surgery center offers a variety of services to patients, including the following:

  • Wisdom Teeth Are Removed. Our dentists perform wisdom tooth extractions regularly in their early development stages. Consider having your wisdom teeth removed if you are experiencing discomfort or other issues after the procedure.
  • Other Teeth Can Be Removed. Our dentists can remove impacted canines, second molars, or infant teeth that are too deeply rooted in the bone sockets. Your oral surgeon may also recommend that you have any teeth removed before starting whole-mouth rehabilitation.
  • Bone Grafting. Bone grafting can restore strength and stability to jaws that have become unstable due to illness or bone loss.
  • Dental Implants. Implants can replace a tooth or more and provide a solid foundation for a new restoration. You may be a candidate to receive dental implants if you have lost one or more teeth. An oral surgeon can help ensure your implant lasts a long time and is successful.
  • Cosmetic Therapy. Our medical professionals were trained in various neck, head, and face aesthetic procedures. Our oral surgeons can help patients reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases and give their features a more youthful look.
  • Oral And Dental Pathology. An oral surgeon can remove or treat any growths in your mouth. They will also work with a pathologist to determine if you require further treatment.

There Are Many Benefits To Choosing An Oral Surgeon

There may be some overlap in duties between the various oral health specialists. However, it is worth your time to consult an oral surgeon for any of the procedures described above.

  • Expertise. Many oral surgeons have years of additional education and training in different surgical techniques. You will receive excellent care due to their extensive experience in cosmetic, functional, and diagnostic surgery.
  • Santa Monica Center’s experts work with other specialists to ensure patients receive the best care.
  • Ongoing Development. Continuous learning. Our medical professionals keep abreast of new techniques and tools. We want to rely on something other than outdated methods. Instead, we strive to be better oral surgeons. This includes continuing education in aesthetics, dental implants, and anesthesia.
  • Both The Facility And The Resources. The clinic was designed to meet the needs of patients who require oral surgery. We offer specialized care and treatment. This has allowed us to invest in equipment and resources to improve patient comfort and reduce recovery time.

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