What Do You Understand By Fractional CMO

A fractional CMO is an excellent alternative for companies that require strategic marketing assistance but can’t afford a full-time staff.

Fractional leadership isn’t new. About 20 years ago, corporations found they could outsource part-time financial executives. Fractional CFOs allowed small, emerging organizations to obtain senior leadership more quickly than with a full-time CFO. Companies saw the advantages of fractional CFOs and expanded the idea to HR, IT, and marketing.

CMOS has the shortest duration among C-suite jobs. This short tenure hurts expanding companies. Quickly replacing a CMO is expensive and can harm corporate culture and brand-building initiatives.

Many CEOs are underwhelmed with their CMOs, and many CMOs think they have high expectations. As firms struggle to find and keep the appropriate CMO, contracting marketing leadership becomes increasingly valuable.

Meanwhile, the gig economy grows. Marketing leaders are quitting regular corporate employment for consultancy.

B2B fractional CMO is in high demand due to the benefit of fractional leadership and the availability of additional marketing professionals to assume fractional roles. If your company is considering a fractional CMO, you must understand the benefits and dangers of each model.

Independent Fractional CMOS

Many independent consultants call themselves “fractional CMOs” Most fractional CMOs are marketing consultants that work for many companies.


  • Independent fractional CMOs are generally the least expensive alternative since they have fewer operational costs than bigger businesses or agencies.

Agency-Based Fractional Cmos

Agency-based fractional CMOs are new.


  • One-stop-shop: Depending on the agency’s skills, your organization might obtain strategy and execution from one spot.

CMO Collectives

Third-category fractional CMOs work under a unified brand using a licensing or franchise strategy. This brand helps independent contractors.


  • Vetted executive resources: The parent firm that handles the licensed or franchised brand has likely vetted the brand’s leadership. Your business may engage a vetted freelance marketer.
  • Executive community and cooperation: A fractional CMO may have access to a community of CMOs for collaboration and ideation. Your CMO may use other leaders’ thoughts, ideas, and learnings to inform marketing strategy and activities.

Authentic Brand’s Final Fractional CMO Model

Organized fractional CMO organizations use a team of executives who function as embedded leaders in their client’s executive teams. As W-2 workers, fractional CMO team members are devoted to high-quality services and teamwork.


  • Dedicated resource: Fractional CMOs work on a small number of customer accounts at once (usually 1-3 clients).
  • Executive community and collaboration: Since fractional CMOs operate inside a firm of hired CMOs, they may harness a community of executives to deliver greater value and knowledge to customers. Employee CMOs are colleagues inside the same organization, thus they should assist each other. This lowers reliance on one fractional CMO’s limited experience.

Authentic Brand-Style

Growing organizations struggle to answer these four issues without seasoned marketing leadership. Our strategy combines marketers, techniques, and mindshare to establish sales-aligned marketing teams and programs.


  • Marketers: CMOs are experienced senior consultants across sectors, business structures, markets, and company stages. They work part-time with our clients to give complete marketing accountability, from designing a strategy to constructing a marketing program and staff. Fractional CMOs serve as guardians of your resources, budget, and recruiting choices.
  • Mindshare: Our CMOs meet regularly to share lessons learned and address customer concerns. The mindshare network includes independent and agency specialists who execute marketing approaches that complement the corporate strategy. Mindshare helps clients go quicker.

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