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What are the top 9 financial management companies in the UK?

Not the only United Kingdom, but the economic condition of each country depends upon the strength of financial institutions. Therefore, these organizations work as a backbone of the economic structure of a nation. Apart from collecting tax, a financial organization also serves different services to common people as per the requirements. 

While banks comprise all the possible services, many non-banking organizations offer a particular service like wealth management or car loans. However, there are certain groups of people who ask for financial management services like asset allocation, investment advisors, etc. 

Here we will discuss the UK’s top 9 financial management companies to identify one during urgent requirement quickly. 

1. HSBC –

  • Expertise: Banking and financial service 

Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation Ltd. is known for both providing banking services and finance Management Company. It is enlisted both in London and Hong Kong. Established in 1865, this financial intermediary expanded its wings around almost worldwide nearly 60 countries. The main reason for topping this list is its multi-facilitated operating ease. 

Apart from serving customers with banking services like a savings account, the current account also provides facilities like investment banking, commercial banking, and financial planning. By offering various services, it obtained the tag of the top finance management company. 

2. London Stock Exchange Group 

  • Expertise: Stock Exchange and financial information 

LSEG is quite well known in the UK due to its stock exchange service and financial information. Established in 1801, since long it is operating as a stock exchange company of the UK and an Italian stock exchange too. Apart from providing service to the brokers and share market players, it also developed a highly modified information centre with the help of its sister concern named Sri Lankan Subsidiary MillenniumIT. 

However, being a stock exchange company, it holds a good volume of stakes in clearinghouse LCH and even secures income from trading market like MTS. 

3. Prudential 

  • Expertise: Life insurance 

The very word ‘prudence’ denotes discretion which is the most required element to build a secure future for a person. Prudential offers a secure future by providing various insurance policies. Established in 1848, it is basically working on the resistance theory of borrowing. Generally, it prevents the habit of borrowing while many people even look for guaranteed car finance for bad credit

Now, it is not unknown to us how unwanted medical bills and emergency car repairing cost us badly to pay the borrowing amount often people entangled into bad credit. However, Prudential makes a person prudent by offering Life Insurance, which develops expenses in emergencies. 

4. Barclays 

  • Expertise: Investment bank and Finance management company

First established in 1690, Barclays is one of the best investment banks and a financial management company. The financial advice provided by this company is worthy enough. Apart from that, the ease of personal banking, doorstep banking and corporate banking all are offered. 

5. Lloyds Banking Group 

  • Expertise: Banking and financial intermediary 

Came into existence in 1695, Lloyds Banking Group is one of the most renowned financial intermediaries in the Bank of Scotland. Apart from providing financial services, it also offers its customers the facility of purchasing insurance and a senior citizen wealth management scheme. Moreover, it is an international organization that expanded around Europe, Middle East, and Asia. 

6. Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust 

  • Expertise: Asset Management company

Founded in 1909, it is one of the most reliable asset management companies in the UK. Serving with excellence for long, it acquired high proclamation among the entire financial industry. Genuine agents of this company are trusted the most due to providing worthy services to their customers. The customer is generally happy with the asset allocation team because almost every client enjoyed a good return when hiring financial managers from this company. Their asset allocation skill is way better than others. 

7. Legal & General 

  • Expertise: Life Insurance 

Came into existence in 1836, this company is serving multiple financial assistance to its customers. Its service includes investment banking, lending facility, special wealth management program for senior citizen and retired persons, life insurance, etc. It has also developed its divisions throughout the world, such as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

8. Aviva 

Expertise: Life Insurance 

Aviva is a well-known company in the UK that offers general and life insurance assistance to every person. It earned huge popularity even in other countries, especially in various regions of Asia. With an accessible claim settlement facility, it suits best for superannuated people. It was established in 1696 for long it served its customers with outstanding excellence. 

9. 3i 

  • Expertise: Asset Management 

In 1945, 3i was also earned popularity for its transparent policies in asset allocation for long years. Apart from assisting in asset allocation, it also serves its customer investment guidelines which is the primary reason for attraction. Almost every sector of the market has good expert hands who never fail to guide their clients properly. Besides, its asset allocation team is very efficient in driving customers to get good return in the future.


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