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What are 4 important things that are checked by home inspection?

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Do you own a home? Are you worried about what will happen at-home maintenance inspection? No worries. We are here to help you know what home maintenance is and how you can easily get your property to pass this test. So without further Ado let’s jump in and hit a nag.

Home maintenance inspectors, check on the conditions of the real estate property that is in the market to be sold out. What do they have on the list to check out? Let’s know the list.

  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical work
  • Water and sewage 
  • Heating and cooling system

I have interviewed many house maintenance inspectors asking what is the first thing they go to check when inspecting a home. Probably all of them agree on this thing that 4 aspects are very important when it comes to the safety of a home. Buyers won’t ever want to buy a such home that is not safer or has repaired immensely. The repair can cause a huge amount of money to spend. This isn’t an ideal situation. So this can break the deal.

Finding a home that checks all our boxes is hard but to crack. Kosch’s Home Inspection LLC educate people on how to find their dream homes without any hassle.

So you have to be smart to avoid copious heartbreak after purchasing the home. The market is a jungle and we have to make our investment secure. This only happens when you choose the best house inspection team such as ours.

Safety first

A respectable company always looks for safety first. Settlement problems cracks in the walls and sloping will be checked first.

Good roof matters

A roof condition is very crucial when it comes to making a deal. It is one of the primary concerns of families. The roof age matters a lot. Only high-performing roofs can save you from temperature changes, wind, and rain. Ventilation is also a va very important aspect. So it’s obvious that the inspector will climb the roof and check if it has any flaws and is watertight. They will also look for leakages, damage, missing shingles and tiles, miss growth, flashing, gutters, vents, and proper attic ventilation.

Good plumbing goes long way. 

Good plumbing is the basic safety measure. A leakage can drain your saving account as no other thing can. So it can break the deal and break a leg too.

Electrical systems, if not working properly can be a cause of serious accidents and is the third leading cause of home fires. In an inspection, they check every nook and corner of the house’s electrical system. Wiring and grounding are checked cautiously. So it can be a cause of the deal breaker for sure.

HVAC System

The inspector will turn on the system and let it run throughout their inspection period. They also check the thermostats of the home. It is important to know that inspector won’t check things thoroughly here. So if you are suspicious about the ac unit is too old, get it checked by my HVAC vendor for closer examination.

So these are some basic things that can catch up easily and ruin your deal. For best inspection maintenance, talk to our customer service without any hesitation.

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