Top Indoor Plants To Adorn Your Office Desk

The office is one of the places where we invest 70% of the time. From jovial times to frustrating evenings, we face everything at that one place and our office desk knows the pressure we have before every meeting or walking into the office. This is normal but mental health is important. With time, people and even offices have started taking mental health problems seriously, and therefore, they have started changing their office interior that is quite creative and is filled with greenery so that the employees can work stress-free. Today, as we talk about mental health, the first thing that an office desk should have is indoor plants.

As plants notch up the interiors and have the power to uplift people’s creativity and spread positivity, adding plants to a desk or around you is quite an excellent option to choose. Now you must be wondering about the indoor plants for office desk that are good to go. Well, let us help you with the best indoor plants that can make your office space lively. Scroll through the various options available and not just office desks, you can adorn them in your living space, dining space or coffee space. These plants will fit well with your interiors and you will feel relaxed and calm with them.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a popular plant that surrounds one with peace, prosperity, love, positivity, and benevolence. According to Feng Shui, lucky bamboo with different stick sets has a different significance. It is recommended to add lucky bamboo plants in the office and at home. You can add it to soil or with water and beautiful pebbles. It often becomes the center of attraction. Just make sure that water does not sink below the stem else lucky bamboo may not recover in such a state. In another way, it is a low maintenance plant and is forgiving too but every plant needs little care, so does this.

Snake Plant

Another famous plant in today’s time is the snake plant that is said that keeps thriving even after its owner retires. This is plant is very commonly used everywhere in-home or offices due to its popularity and fame. This plant keeps the mind refresh at it gives out oxygen 24*7. It is being recommended to keep this plant around. So, add this another low-maintenance plant to your office space and experience the calmness and serene environment even when you leave for him. Give purified water to it once a week, like take it Friday and see how slowly it grows.


To add a splash of colours to your office space, oxalis is a great choice. Oxalis do well in low humidity but it is suggested to keep them in bright light. So, if you are adding them to your office space, keep them near the window. They are also known as weed plants but they grow well and you might feel better having them around. These plants are quite good in nature. Apart from that, colours keep the mind away from negativity, natural colours not just the wall paint. So, add oxalis and enjoy its beauty.

African Violet

African violets have gained popularity in the 1970s and are still one of the loving plants that thrive under the same conditions as humans do. Its fuzzy leaves and violet flowers make it unique from others and can be accommodated in small spaces. So, as your office desk is not really big, you can add African violets to surround yourself with positive vibes. It needs ideal light conditions to thrive. So, you can place it over a window providing north or east lighting.

Aloe Vera

For modern desk space, aloe vera is one of the prominent plants that you should consider having in your office. It attracts others as well as keeps the mind calm. It has many health benefits but apart from them, it is a low-maintenance plant as well. It just needs bright light so if your office desk is near the window then this plant will flourish. Water it once in a few weeks and it will survive easily.

Well, these are some of the plants that you can add to your office desk. There are some other plants as well that you can consider like peace lily, dracaena, devil’s ivy, and many more such. But the plants above mentioned are quite prevalent and will give you the exact environment that you deserve. So, add any of them and enjoy their presence at your office desk. Plants will spread peace, love, and fresh air and create a healthy ambiance in the office and it also helps in reduction in anxiety and reduced chronic fatigue also and Impress candidates with natural decor. Start building your collection of office plants and discover all the wonderful ways that they benefit your day.

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