Top 5 Most Popular Australian Comedy Shows

There are many ways to watch & enjoy Australian comedy shows. Many television channels in Australia have a series of comedy shows which they air on Saturday nights.

Some of them include “The Simpsons” and “Northern Rescue.”

The first type of shows that you can watch on television is what is known as “comedy hour.” This is a program that includes short skits, a few minutes of in depth comedy, & some celebrity interviews. It is a quick & sometimes amusing way to kill your hours & has become very popular among many of the people who normally watch television.

Another type of show that is on television in Australia is the satire sketch. These are usually very funny shows in which the actors are very funny & the audience becomes enchanted with their wacky dialogue.

There are also “lifestyle shows”

On which the hosts & guests are asked to describe their daily lives. This could be anything from how their day was to their opinion on the new Spice Girls band. One of the most popular television programs in Australia is the “East Wing.” This is a mock news show where the east wing is the main focus. It is very funny & often includes a few celebrity interviews.

“Last Comic Standing” is another form of live comedy which uses the spotlight to pit one last comic against the house. The house will consist of the entire family and often includes other celebrities. Each week the guests will attempt to outdo the previous week’s winner. This is a competition which includes some great stand-up comedy from some of the biggest names in the world of stand-up comedy. The show often ends with a special award which is handed to the winner.

In order to keep people interested, there is usually a segment of comedy which is called the handyman show. Usually a guy with a shoddy garage sale business will appear on one of these shows to offer tips on how to fix stuff. This segment is meant to be comical yet informative at the same time. The guests usually include people who have been named as “The Top Five Handymen.”

Another popular form of Australian comedy is the “South African Dr. Comedy.”

This is similar to “The Tool Shed Live” but the guests are not from South Africa. Instead, a variety of topics are brought into the studio & the witty banter between the guests often includes discussions on alternative medicine, animals, & even ways to get your ex-girlfriend back.

There are many more forms of satire that are on the air across the country. The newest trend is “comedy news.” Hosts of this type of news show are often comedians who report on the latest happenings in the world of comedy. These types of shows are becoming increasingly more popular in the United States, but they are also enjoyed in the UK.

Australian Comedy Shows

If you are looking for an inexpensive & entertaining way to spend the afternoon or evening, you can check out one of the Australian comedy shows. From performing at your local club to hosting your own production company, you can benefit from a great sense of humor & an easy style of humor. So, if you are looking for a good time, why not check out some of the best comedy television on television today?

The genre of Australian stand-up comedy has changed dramatically over the years.

The first network TV program to feature an entire troupe of Australian comedians was “The Stepford Wives” in 1996. Since then, different elements of stand-up comedy from around the world have been showcased on TV.

Most recently, “sitcom dad” became one of the most popular programs with a mainstream audience. The show follows the everyday life of a young man who moves to Australia & falls in love with an American woman.

Many people think “The Biggest Loser” on FX is the ultimate in fitness & bodybuilding entertainment. However, few people realize the long history of the Australian comedy show “corny.” This series is so named because the program is entirely comprised of corny one liners.

However, the writing is excellent and the shows are actually quite funny.

The main character, John Candy, usually presents himself as a clueless but lovable dimwit. He loves eating foods that no one else enjoys, such as Cornflake the cereal and Baked Alaska.

He is assisted by a sidekick, referred to as “Dixie,” & they have a number of adventures that include dressing up in various costumes, going on wild benders, & traveling to Africa and dressing up like a tribesman. John Candy has gained worldwide recognition for his role as Fappy the Donkey in the “Rocky” movies, & he continues to entertain audiences with his unique style of African American humor.

Recently, he went back to his roots as a performer & released a children’s DVD entitled “John Candy: The Making of an African American Comedy Superstar.” On this DVD, you can also see “Corny’s” humorous skits & you will get an inside look at how he chooses his clothing. The DVD is sure to make you feel as if you are in the “Rocky” movies when it comes to this fun accent!

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