You might be allowing that tile fixing work in Dubai fairly simple. Easy and simple enough that you might be willing to attack it yourself. Indeed, if you have little experience doing this type of work, you can come commodity of a professional installer, or at least learn how to install bottom tiles like a pro. Read on to understand the process and learn exactly what needs to be done to lay down a great-looking bottom.

These are some substantial tips that help you in the best possible way.


Still, you’ll need to make sure that the face is free of any fault and is clean of debris. If you’re installing over a being face. Occasionally defects can be answered by fixing with a leak-proof doctoring compound. However, make sure that the subfloor is at least 1. If you’re installing over wood.5 inches thick. But, you might want to add a concrete backer board sub caste to get the right bottom consistency, if your subfloor isn’t that thick. Typically, the concrete backer board comes in1/4″or1/2″ thick.

Remove all grease, canvas dust, sealer, or curing emulsion by grinding, scraping, or dicing away any pollutants.


A nice-looking bottom tile has to be related to how the layout has been completed and how straight the lines could be. Using chalk lines, snap lines with a 90- degree crossroad at the center of the room. Remember, occasionally, and depending on the room configuration, this couldn’t be achieved, and a different approach shall be followed. Follow the layout by installing loose penstocks along with their spacers to the walls. Start at the crossroad of the chalk lines, and make a path forming a 90- degree angle with tile. However, also acclimate the penstocks to one side or another, If the gap between the last pipe and the wall is lesser than1/2tile. Also do to the coming step, If the layout is approved by your client or if you’re satisfied. Tile fixing in Dubai is beautiful when you know the correct techniques.  


Start by storing your mortar accouterments at a temperature between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix the mortar with water until the asked thickness has been attained, not too watery, not too thick. Depending on your mortar blend type, you’ll need to allow some time for the water to reply with the mortar element to gain the asked result. Remember that the blend should be used within 30 twinkles of being mixed with the water. Once you start using that blend, don’t add water, as it’ll weaken and affect the blend strength. Be sure to use the right mortar blend when installing tiles over different substrates. These factors are very essential in Interior and Exterior tiles work in Dubai.


The mortar should be applied using the flat side of the trowel first. Likewise, use the recommended notch trowel applying it at a 45- degree angle, spreading the mortar slightly. Continue this pattern horizontally to maintain the same mortar height. Spread only the quantum that can be covered with penstocks within the coming 15 twinkles.



Press the pipe unto the mortar using a twist stir and hit it with a rubber mallet so it can cleave to the mortar. Let the mortar dry for at least 24 hours and avoid stepping on the pipe. Check that lines are invariant and use pipe spacers between each pipe. The last line to install is the line that has a pipe that demanded to be cut. Remove redundant glue from penstocks.



Still, cut the pipe with a lad or wet aphorism, If demanded. Use a pencil to mark the area that’s to be cut. Avoid using the centerpieces of a tile, without any of the plant edges. You do not need to be perfect if a cover will be installed on top of the tile that’s about to be cut.



Mix grout following the manufacturer’s recommendations or until a smooth thickness has been achieved. Mix the quantum that can be applied in 20 twinkles. Mix until all colors are dispersed, and an invariant color has been attained. Let it stand for five twinkles and mix again. Use a grout pier to apply the grout into the joints after all spacers have been removed. Use a sponger to remove redundant grout. The pipe joint can be buffed within 30 twinkles of being applied using a dry cloth.


For better results, seal the grout at least 72 hours after it has been applied. This process will help maintain the color of the grout for further time. This sealer will also reduce the quantum of water percolating below the bottom tile. Wipe off redundant sealer with a dry cloth.

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