The couple who launched Tiff’s Treats in 1999 from their Hyde Park apartment as UT sophomores now run a multimillion-dollar business with 75 outlets. They often talk about their achievements. How do you raise money for a startup? How’s working with your spouse? How do you balance job and kids?

“It’s Not Just Cookies: Stories and Recipes from the tiff’s treats store locations ” gives an inside look at their company and marriage, interwoven with 28 recipes, including the famous chocolate chip cookie Tiffany first brought Leon after she stood him up for a college date, an apology that bore their business.


All we went through amazes us when we look back. Tiffany said the coffee table book is a terrific present and has easy-to-bake recipes like red velvet cookies and salted caramel blondie bars. Discount available on tiffs treats coupon.


More than a recipe book, it features frank anecdotes about love, marriage, failure, and victory, presented in both their perspectives as a reflection of their business and relationship over the previous 23 years. They emphasized ups and downs. “Just a Couple of Losers,” their favorite chapter, chronicles all the ways they lost while growing their firm.


Tiffany stated it’s not useful to always see something polished. tiff’s treats store locations “We wanted to show how often we screwed up and lost.”

That involves settling conflicts before significant meetings or interviews. Or coming to work like zombies after having twins. “Work spills over,” Leon stated.

The pair stated UT isn’t the book’s emphasis. It’s for all markets. Because of their narrative and accomplishment, the university and Austin receive a lot of airtime. Tiffany and Leon, College of Communication and McCombs School of Business alumni, said they wouldn’t be where they are without either.


They remembered a different Austin than now. Pre-Uber and food delivery. Frost Tower was the highest skyscraper downtown, and 24th Street Starbucks was a pipe store. Tiffany and Leon had a kitchen behind Spudnik on The Drag. They lost the lease and nearly went out of business until they discovered their current flagship store on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Nueces Street.

Tiff’s treats store locations is an Austin tradition and a national brand. Its cookies are meant to celebrate, console, or brighten a difficult day. Tiffany and Leon value such outreach.


Warm cookie delivery firm Tiff’s Treats established a third Charlotte store in Apex South Park.

On Dec. 12 and 13, Charlotte’s tiff’s treats store locations will donate a part of their earnings to Special Olympics of Mecklenburg County to commemorate the new South Park store.

One fortunate fan may have Tiff’s Treats cookies sent to 20 of their favorite individuals in Tiff’s Treats’ delivery zones.


Actress Brooklyn Decker, a Special Olympics ambassador, and her husband Andy Roddick invested in Tiff’s Treats because of the company’s dedication to charity. Decker was particularly pleased that the Charlotte store’s grand opening would benefit the local chapter of the Special Olympics.

Tiffany Chen, co-founder of Tiff’s Treats, said the city of Charlotte has been kind since the company’s relocation there a year ago.

It’s no secret that Chen loves to eat and shop in South Park. We’re thrilled to be relocating to the Apex South Park, which puts us in a prime location between our Waverly and uptown shops.


Tiff’s Snacks now delivers cookies and other treats to customers between South Boulevard and East Independence Boulevard from its new location at 4425 Sharon Road.


Warm cookies delivered to your house just in time for your need for cookies and milk? The answer is yes! Two new Tiff’s Treats stores are coming to the Greater Houston area.

The website for tiff’s treats store locations states that a storefront at 850 S. Loop 336 W., Ste. 500 in Conroe would be opening later in 2018. According to a project file, the second facility will be at 12333 Southwest Fwy., Suite 200 in Stafford. Renovations will be made to the 1,500 square foot area, and it is possible that the facility may reopen to the public in the summer of 2023.

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Chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter cookies, along with brownies and ice cream, are just some of the tasty options at Tiff’s Treats. Frost ’ems Frosting Cups are available as an add-on for guests who want to drizzle more sweetness over their warm Tiff’s Treats cookie.

If you place an order, we’ll make and bring you fresh cookies. Alternatively, we have a small variety of cookies for sale at the shop. The website urges customers to make an order online, through the app, or by phone, and allow at least 30 minutes for the food to be available for pickup.


tiff’s treats store locations Co-founders Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen founded the brand while undergraduates at the University of Texas in Austin back in 1999. Taylor allegedly cancelled on Chen on a date and then apologized by bringing him freshly baked cookies from Tiff’s Treats.

With his encouragement, she started her own cookie business called Tiff’s Treats. The chain has rapidly expanded, with dozens of stores in Texas and neighboring states including Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

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