Things To Do Indoors In Atlanta, Georgia

You can have fun outside and not spend your weekends on the couch watching TV. But there are still many indoor things to do Atlanta that you can enjoy if you’re willing to look. Visitors to Atlanta, Georgia, or residents who want to explore the city should be aware of the indoor activities they have access to. These indoor activities include museums that explain the history of different historical figures and indoor versions of the same thrill-based experiences you can find under the sun. You can see the full list below to find out which options will ensure a fun time on your next Atlanta vacation.

  1. Georgia Aquarium: Skip-The-Purchase-Line Tickets

The Georgia Aquarium is a great place to visit if you are used to seeing land animals at the zoo but want to see more aquatic life. You can also get close-up views of octopi, fish, and other marine creatures. Many encounter options allow you to interact with penguins and dolphins.

  1. Atlanta Black History And Civil Rights Tour

It can be very rewarding to learn about culture during your vacation. The Black History and Civil Rights Tour in Atlanta is one way to do this. The Center for Civil and Human Rights and APEX Museum will provide information about the history and struggles of African Americans.

  1. Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers a unique opportunity for families to have fun with Legos. Visitors can not only look at and interact with many figures but also have the opportunity to experience other experiences such as a 4-D cinema featuring your favorite characters, exploring Pirate Adventure Island.

  1. Ifly Atlanta

If your friends are trying to get you to skydive, and you fear heights, then iFLY Atlanta can help you to adjust to the experience. Indoor fun games like skydiving is available for those people who have never attempted it before. You can also do it with a group if you feel more comfortable doing it together.

  1. Zombie Apocalypse Room Escape Adventure

Many of us have a friend or family member amid a zombie apocalypse. This escape rooms adventure will make you feel like you are fighting for survival and prepare you for it. The participants will work in teams to discover a cure for the virus at a government research center. Tasks include solving puzzles and finding clues.

  1. Coca-Cola And CNN Center Combo Tour

This combination tour is perfect for anyone who wants to work at a large corporation, such as CNN or Coca-Cola. If family or friends accompany you, a group tour is possible. It is a chance for anyone who wants to visit CNN offices to learn about how it is run and how Coca-Cola has been providing delicious drinks over the years. You can search for indoor activities near me, and get so many options.

  1. Wrens Nest: Georgia’s Oldest House Museum

We recommend visiting the Wrens Nest if you are a fan of Joel Chandler Harris or want to know more about him personally. This museum is the oldest in the city and offers a lesson on African American history.

  1. Fernbank Museum Of Natural History And Science

ATL’s Fernbank Museum of Natural History and Science is a great place to visit for those interested in science. The museum has several exhibits about dinosaurs, including skeletons, minerals, and tektites. It will also provide an overview of Earth’s history.

  1. Krog Street Market Pub Crawl

Krog Street is a great place to go out at night. You can try new drinks and have fun. You can enjoy the marketplace and take pictures to show your friends back home. The East Side Trail along the Atlanta Beltline has several bars and restaurants to keep you full until late.

  1. College Football Hall Of Fame

The College Football Hall of Fame is a must-see for college and professional football fans. It showcases the achievements, records, and historical moments of the greatest players in the game. Many displays and exhibits are available to take photos of your family and friends.

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