Things to consider before buying oven

One of the first questions, when you want to try hands and start baking, is, which oven is best for you? Should I go with a convection microwave, an OTG, or go in for a built-in oven?

Which is the best oven for a beginner?

In this article I am exploring a few things you would need to know and a few things to consider before you start your affair with baking in an oven for a lifetime! Broadly speaking, you could opt for the counter-top ovens, it easily fits on the counter of your kitchen. 

You could also consider going in for the built-in ovens, as these kinds of ovens are built into the wall of your kitchen. But if you want to go with countertop ovens, you could go in for a convection microwave or go in for an OTG oven, talking about OTG oven uses, it can perform the functions of toaster, griller, and oven.

Built-in ovens allow you to prefer either convection microwaves or gas-operated ovens or electric ovens. So, when you actually plan for buying an oven, here are a few things to consider.

Capacity of Oven

The capacity of the oven, which decides and determines the number of food items you can cook at a time. Your level of interest in baking, the space you have available with you to accommodate your oven, money spend to you are ready and the after-sale services available in your city for the brand.

So, you need to have reserved space for this oven over your kitchen counter. If you are a family with 4 members the capacity of a microwave with 32 liters will fulfill your cooking need. A microwave of this capacity could easily bake for a family of around 4 to 5 people. So don’t go for the microwave which is less than 32 liters in capacity.

One major drawback of the convection microwave is that it comes in limited capacity models. You can opt to bake on only one rack and one level at a time. This will only allow you to bake one cake or one sheet of cookies at a time.

In a convection microwave you can’t use some standard size large baking tins, especially the rectangular ones, because the tin will keep hitting the walls of the microwave cabinet as the turntable rotates.

Need of the Oven

So, if you are aspiring to a professional baker and want to bake commercially, the limited capacity of a microwave may not be sufficient for your needs. So be sure to go to the store to take a review, and have a check at the various models available, and also read all through functions and features about the model you plan to purchase. Let me know about the after-sale services available in your city for that particular brand.

Costing of Oven

Talking about the cost of a convection microwave it can cost upwards of Rs.15, 000 depending on the brand, capacity, features, and the model you are buying. Online or offline shopping choices can also make a difference in the final price of the oven.

OTGs normally come with manual controls and will cost you anywhere Rs.9,000 upwards depending on the brand, capacity, and the model you choose. Again, it makes a difference in the price as you’re taking it online or offline.

Features of the Oven

So, let’s take a look at the convection microwave here. A convection microwave can perform the features of cooking, re-heating, grilling the food, and baking your food as well. So, this can be one compact gadget that can do it all. It’s really simple to use microwaves with easy and simple features, bakes your food evenly at any time.

Many of the brand’s microwaves normally come with digital displays and controls, a feature I love and appreciate. But then microwaves can be a quite heavy option, as it is really difficult to shift or move them around.

And coming to an Oven – capable of toasting, Grilling, baking, or what is commonly called an OTG oven here in India. You can grill, roast, and bake your favorite food and even keep it warm. But you can’t really use the OTG oven for cooking or reheating your leftover food.

Available Counter Space

This is another aspect that needs to think about before purchasing an oven for your kitchen. If you have decided to go with an OTG oven, you would still need a microwave to cook and reheat your food. Having two appliances not only increases money spend but also requires additional counter space in your kitchen to accommodate both the gadgets.

If you are really constrained for counter-space in your kitchen, you could keep it under your dining table or maybe even in your garage, and then use it when you need it.

After-Sale Service 

This is the most important aspect to consider in the above list as your oven will be of no use and will be lying in the corner. If you happen to live in smaller towns and don’t have a service center to repair it. So, make sure that the brand you are choosing is having prompt service and positive reviews for service providing. 

I hope reading this has cleared your doubt on which type of oven will best suit your needs and budget.

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