Stepping Up the Game: What Makes A Good Website In 2021?

Whether online or offline, we must never forget the golden rule: FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER. I mean, who would want to browse through a messy and unsystematic website? I know I wouldn’t. It only takes a matter of seconds for a user to decide whether to continue browsing or to exit a website.

As Per SEO Expert Vikas Rana website’s layout indicates the overall tone of the site which is the first thing visitors see. We must choose the highest-quality stuff(i.e. Website design and content).

Website’s goal should be attracting traffic and generating that traffic into elements that are beneficial for your website’s purpose. Now, how do you make your website performance better? Here are some online cues to make your website attractive and reel users in:

Before anything else, one should have a clear knowledge of what the website is for, it’s clear purpose, and its current target, and the possibility of attracting future user audiences.


    Website design could be focused on two aspects: aesthetics and ease of use.

    1. Web aesthetics refers to the appealing elements that attract users (color, graphics, font, images, and text). Web designers may opt to follow the current aesthetic trends to remain relevant, but one can also develop their own distinct and unique style to appeal to audiences. Aesthetics can also refer to a website offering uncluttered displays, straight forward navigation, simple search paths, and easy navigation.
    2. A website’s ease of use is all about the user’s ability to navigate throughout the website through a convenient interface. Web designers should be aware and keep in mind to make websites mobile-friendly. Smartphones cannot be separated from users and are used everywhere and for anything in 2021. Moreover, websites should be well-designed for mobile usage and accessible to allure user audiences and eventually engage in conversion making. 61% of users stated to be more likely to engage in mobile-friendly websites. But would be disinterested in issues such as unorganized detail-input systems, and poorly designed website layout.

    Believe it or not, but websites can actually lose audiences in a matter of seconds! As trivial as it may seem, page visitors have a pretty high standard when it comes to page speed. Every second should count, and you could lose quite a number of your online audience just because of a few seconds of delay. Slow page speed will also have a serious impact on the website’s SEO. However and thankfully, tools like Google PageSpeed Insights  are currently available to check website performance and speed.


    A website audit is performed to have a full analysis of your website’s overall health and performance. You need to figure out both what’s working efficiently, and what’s lacking. A thorough website audit will allow you to check what you’re doing right, things that need room for improvement, basically, the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Firstly, have a run-through of the website and identify what’s working and not working. Some important things to watch out for are:

  1. Website errors
  2. The duration that users spend engaging with the website
  3. Pages that are keeping up and are dragging your chosen keywords
  4. Pages that are getting and falling behind on traffic

The entire website auditing process will generate and report the data needed to develop a better strategy through an in-depth analysis of the issues that do not adhere to your search engine guidelines, which are also the possible causes that may stop your website from ranking in the SEO algorithm.


    A crucial step for websites is to determine their keywords to have a successful SEO campaign. Targeting the exact keywords is essential for users to find your website and influences the website’s content. The difference between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords is crucial.


Short-tail keywords: Massage Parlor in Bangkok

Long-tail keywords: Authentic Swedish Massage Parlor in Bangkok

Long-tail keywords have less competition, contain longer, and more specific key phrases than short-key phrases, which increases the chances of making your website known and easier to find. It also understands the user intent more, thus, resulting in a higher conversion rate and narrowing down the target to high-quality leads.

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