Six Ways To Make Your Big Day Memorable

Have you been dreaming about your wedding since you find the right partner? Probably, you don’t want to face any mismanagement at your wedding. From looking good to making guests feel special, you want everything perfect.

Choose A Dreamy Wedding Dress

One of the main concerns of everyone is to get a perfect wedding dress. To make your wedding look dreamy, choose a pastel color that complements your skin tone. For people having a warm undertone can go with some earth-tone pastel colors. If you have a cool undertone, you should choose some pastel shades of sky blue. To make this process easier, you can get ideas from the internet. Once you decide on the correct color, book your customized dress two months before the wedding. Make sure your dress will be ready one-week prior wedding so that you will have time in case of any alteration.

Decide a Venue that Compliments Your Outfit

Try to be minimalistic when it comes to a classy wedding venue. Choose the color that goes with your wedding outfit to make your venue look attractive. If you have a pastel wedding gown and you get a venue with a black theme, it will ruin your big day; for pastel colors, choose a decoration of fresh flowers having light shades. Outdoor venues are trending, but you can also get a beautiful setup in a hall rental

Make Sure Your Partner’s Outfit Contrast Yours

The dress of the groom is as important as the bride’s. Keep in touch with your partner and plan everything with mutual understanding. The partner’s outfit must be classy to complement your wedding outfit. Meanwhile, get classy shoes, a purse, and a reputable makeup artist to complete your look.

Invest in Aesthetic Wedding Videography 

You can not make your day memorable without photography and videography. You invest money and energy in everything to make your day special and unique. Hire at least two photographers and two videographers to capture your moments from every angle. Your random memories, outfit, venue, and guests should be covered aesthetically by videography. 

Plan a Surprise Dance With Your Partner

One of the most unique ways to make your day memorable for your and your guests is your performance. Coordinate with your partner and give a heart-touching romantic, or energetic dance performance on your big day. The expressions of your guests and family members and all the happy moments will peak when you two give a surprise dance performance.

Make Innovative Return Gifts For Guests

When people attend your wedding, they give you their time and make you their priority. You can not give every guest time on your wedding day, so you should plan something special for them before your wedding day. If you have the budget, you can give customized return gifts to them. If you have a small group of guests, you can write some special notes for everyone and wrap a note along with a gift for them. Be innovative when dealing with people who come to your wedding. 

The ways mentioned above can make your day not only memorable but classy as well.

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