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Read Most Economical Packaging Boxes for Your Versatile Goods

Packaging is widely practiced by entrepreneurs even in this age of e-commerce. We all know how to pack the goods to reach our customers safely. But whether you are packing your products for shipping or moving them from one store to another, certain packaging containers like custom kraft paper box offer great protection to goods, and goods cost less than any other storage containers.

Boxes are small and large, round and square container boxes that protect the goods from damage during transit or shipment. These boxes can be made of paper, plastic or cardboard, and according to their size, they come in different categories such as shoe boxes, jewelry boxes and so on. This article will enlighten you about these versatile packing boxes:

Custom Kraft Boxes for Food:

Food items need special protection during transportation and storage. Kraft boxes offer excellent shock absorption and cushioning properties to foodstuffs like preserves, pastries, cookies, candies and even glass jar goods such as pickles or jam. In addition, these boxes can protect food from dents and scratches and rough handling of the goods. Also, these heavy-duty corrugated boxes are grease resistant which gives extra durability to those useful storage containers.

Custom Poly Mailer Boxes:

The poly mailer is a versatile container that protects products from damage and moisture loss. These containers can store everything ranging from clothing to shoes and accessories, toys, electronics etc. In addition, custom poly mailers provide great insulation for heat-sensitive items like chocolate bars, milk powder etc.

Custom Pillow Boxes:

Pillow boxes are an excellent choice for packaging your products due to their multi-purpose usage and versatile design. You can use pillow boxes to send or store any goods like chocolate bars, cookies, magazines, stationery items such as notebooks and pens, craft supplies like beads and gems, accessories like hair clips etc. Custom pillow box printing has a greater edge over other popular packaging options due to the following reasons:

  • Available in various sizes and shapes;
  • Positively impact brand image;
  • High strength and ease of assembly; and,
  • Protects the product from damage during transit.

Custom Corrugated Paper Bags:

Corrugated paper bags are mostly used for carrying goods to and from supermarkets. They are a sturdy, cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for packing your goods in style. Moreover, different colors and bold prints make them an excellent means to attract the customers’ attention towards the product.

Custom Printed Corrugated Paper Bags:

Corrugated paper bags printed with company logo or promotional information prove beneficial for both store owners and shoppers as they advertise the brand name and simultaneously promote sales by creating awareness among consumers about upcoming offers and discounts. In addition, printing these custom boxes in bulk is a cost-effective solution for all business owners looking forward to expanding their horizons globally.

Photo Album Box:

With a wide range of bookbinding tutorials at your disposal, you can make this box from old albums too. It is easy to carry because it has a handle attached to it. You can also decorate this photo album box with stickers or paint as per your creative mood. Nowadays, even readymade ones are available in the market, but if you have ample time for a DIY project, then it will be a fun thing to do.

Photo Album Box for Jewellery:

This product is used as a jewelry box because of its stylish appearance. The lid of this box can also be used as a rack so that you can place your earrings and rings over there. You can decorate these boxes with stickers or paint, too, if you have time on hand. Many companies are now offering custom-made photo album boxes, so you don’t have to worry about the design anymore. Just tell them what kind of design you want, and they will deliver it to you otherwise for personal designs.

Recycled Cardboard Boxes for Kids:

If you are planning on gifting something to your kid, then it is advisable not to gift any toys because the child will be expecting more gifts. Instead of giving a toy, you can give him or her recycled cardboard boxes that are stuffed with some candies and other small snacks. This way, the kid will feel special while enjoying his favorite snacks during his playtime.

These are some of the versatile uses of cardboard boxes that make them useful in every household. If you want these reusable boxes to achieve their maximum potential, then make sure to do away with all the permanent marker writing by using paint or adhesive tape instead.

Corrugated Boxes for Shipping Purposes:

These boxes are very popular because of their high resistance to damage. You can also use them for various purposes because of their durable structure. These boxes are usually made up of 1/4-inch thick material that is known as corrugated fiberboard.

The outside layer comprises a series of alternating flutes along with an inner liner which makes the box sturdier than any other type of packaging box found in the market today. You can choose from different types and sizes according to your specific needs. 

Their strength allows these containers to carry heavy items without any damage. Which is why they are mostly preferred by merchants who often transport heavy goods over long distances. If you know how to fold these boxes properly, then you will come across as a professional.

Tuck Top Packaging Boxes:

These types of boxes are known as the most economical packaging boxes, as you can fold them and tape them easily. Unlike any other type of corrugated board, their flute is short, which makes them easier to fold and tape at the edges. So, you can easily get these boxes from product packaging printing companies.

Boxes made up of this material can carry a maximum load weight of 15 pounds or less. You will find these boxes perfect for shipping books and documents. If you need something that doesn’t occupy much space, then pick Tuck Top Packaging Boxes, as they require very less storage space and they are convenient too.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for any type of packaging material that is easy to fold, doesn’t occupy much space, and is easily available in the local market, then Tuck Top Packaging Boxes can be your best bet. You will also get these boxes in 3 different sizes according to your requirements. If you’re looking for anything else other than those mentioned above, then contact your nearest packaging service provider and ask them about the various types of corrugated board available as per your needs.

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