Personal Guide: 8 Quick And Easy Tips For Hvac Cleaning And Maintenance

According to statistical information, 70% of residents’ HVAC systems are performing below the standard level. Most of the homeowners are not aware that their HVAC is inefficient. As a result of less maintenance either it causes HVAC to completely shut off or it leads to an increase in the electricity bill. The HVAC system keeps you more comfortable by circulating fresh air throughout the home and removing the allergens and microparticles in the air. You can save your HVAC for more than 15 to 20 years with regular and proper maintenance of HVAC System, this can extend your HVAC system life cycle and energy cost savings up to 40%.  Find out here about top HVAC duct cleaning San Diego tips to save your HVAC for long-lasting work and durability.

Hvac Cleaning And Maintenance

Check your battery life

If your HVAC thermostat is battery supported, then you should check your battery life first. The HVAC thermostat batteries may last up to two years depending on the usage model and design. If you find your HVAC battery low then you need to change your battery. If you don’t want your HVAC to stop during an unfavorable weather condition then just check the battery life of your HVAC system. Depending upon their battery life and working conditions do the needful things to save your HVAC system. You should find HVAC duct cleaning San Diego service provider to check the status of your battery.

Replace your HVAC filters

Replacing the air filters regularly is one of the easiest and more affordable ways to extend your HVAC system life. This can increase the efficiency and durability of the HVAC system. Regular replacement of filters can save more cost and reduce the most common problems of the HVAC system. Your HVAC system filters should be changed regularly once every three months depending on your HVAC system. If you have pets then it is recommended to change your filter more frequently every month, due to the accumulation of your pet’s hair. If you have any allergies, then changing the filters is more recommended and can reduce most of your symptoms of allergies.

Remove your blockages for more airflow

 At home each room must have a vent, if these vents are dirty then you should remove the dirt with the help of the screwdriver and clean them with soap solution and water. You can also  find HVAC duct cleaning San Diego service provider to do this job for you.  If you ignore this for too long, it will block the flow of air. This blockage will have a bad effect on the overall HVAC system. After cleaning the vent, just check one with the help of torchlight for any blockage which might affect the entire HVAC system and reduce the efficiency of the system.

Clean HVAC system’s evaporator drain

In an HVAC system due to hot weather, the evaporator coil will produce an amount of liquid. If the temperature keeps on increasing then it will lead to the creation of multiple gallons of water every day during the summer. So, proper evaporator drainage is extremely essential to avoid the malfunction of the HVAC system. You should make sure that the evaporator drainage is free of dirt and debris. You can use specially designed products to clear the blockages in the drainage. When you’re done with the cleaning you can reattach the panels to the HVAC system.

Clean your HVAC evaporator coil.

The main function of the evaporator coil is to refrigerate and to remove heat from the HVAC system before letting the air throughout the home. This removed heat air from the HVAC system is transferred through the outdoor units. You need to clean your coil with a specially designed spray for the coil. It is recommended to use a non-rinse foam cleaner for cleaning the coils of the HVAC system. After spraying it, wait for a while until it liquefies and rinses itself.

Clear your HVAC fins

The HVAC fins of the outdoor unit are like metal grills and are located on the side of the machine. The main function of the fins is to improve airflow and move the heated air away from the HVAC system. If the fins of the HVAC system are dirty and blocked this may lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the HVAC system. Now you can use the hose and spray to clean the HVAC system fines. It is recommended to use fin spray for cleaning purposes which can easily be found at home improvement, hardware stores, and online.

Clear your HVAC system debris

In the long run dirt, blocks, leaves will be stuck up in your outdoor unit of the HVAC system. This dirt and blockages cause damages to its internal components. You can follow these steps to avoid the build-up of debris in your HVAC system. First, remove all debris in the fan cage, then sweep around the HVAC system unit and cut down tree limbs that disturb the equipment.

Test heating and cooling functionalities

Most homeowners check their HVAC systems’ heating ability in the winter and cooling ability in the summer, but it is recommended to check both the heating and cooling capability of the HVAC system. You should check both the heating and cooling functions of the thermostat to ensure that they are working properly. To make sure that your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable in all seasons  find HVAC duct cleaning San Diego service provider and get it checked from them.


These are the top eight tips and tricks to maintain and clean your HVAC system. Follow these quick and easy pro tips to save and use your HVAC system for a long time!  

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