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HomelifestyleMaximizing Your Savings- Expert Tips For Using Coupons on Furniture

Maximizing Your Savings- Expert Tips For Using Coupons on Furniture

Many retailers release new furniture collections in spring and fall. That means they must clear out old inventory and make room for the new.

Coupons can help you save on these items. However, extreme couponing requires time and effort to track sales, clip coupons, and build a stockpile.

Look for online-only retailers.

Many furniture stores have online outlets, and the best way to find them is by searching for a brand name plus “online retailer” notes. Some of these sites offer handy tools, like room visualizers, to help you see how furniture might look in your home. Some also feature sales and coupons.

Martin suggests signing up for a furniture company’s email list to give you early access to deals. It’s also a good idea to follow companies on social media to be among the first to know when they’re offering special coupons.

Another tip is to ask your furniture store’s employees if the company hosts warehouse sales several times a year to sell off overstock, floor samples, and returns. The deals typically require a small upfront deposit but can save you hundreds of dollars or more. In addition, many retailers slash prices on furniture styles that are selling slowly in the spring and fall as they make room for new designs. Lastly, ask for a discount if you notice a scratch or ding in an item. Click here to learn more about the discounts.

Look for free shipping.

If you have to pay for shipping on your furniture, it will likely eat into your savings. That’s why it is best to search for free shipping on the table when shopping online. That will help you snag the lowest prices on your items.

When purchasing online, you can often find furniture coupons for free standard shipping if you sign up for the company’s email newsletter. Price-checking on multiple websites is also an excellent idea, as prices vary drastically. You can also save furniture items to an app like Shoptagr, so you get notified when the article goes on sale.

According to a frugal living expert, creating a small stockpile is another way to score deals. This allows you to control how much you spend, and it can be helpful when prices rise on essentials like toilet paper. This will ensure you don’t have to pay the total price again when the item is needed. You can also monitor costs using an online tool, which tracks your spending and estimates how much you can save each week.

Look for store credit card offers

Many retailers have branded credit cards that offer exclusive discounts, like 0% intro-APR periods, and rewards, such as cash back. If you’re willing to pay off your debt promptly, store cards can help you make large purchases, such as furniture, and maximize your savings.

Extreme couponing can be time-consuming and requires patience, but the savings can add up. Some suggest starting small and downloading a store’s app, which can help you find coupons for items in your cart, or using price-comparison Web sites. They also recommend focusing on stacking coupons. An individual coupon might only save you $1 or $2, but “you’ll get a lot more out of it if you take the time to layer it,” they say.

If you’re planning on buying a piece of furniture with a store card, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the card before signing up. Otherwise, you could pay more than you originally planned because of hidden costs, like renting a truck to haul your purchase or the cost of paint and fabric.

Look for clearance sales.

Unlike items like toilet paper or baking supplies that go on sale regularly throughout the year, furniture is usually only sold in significant seasonal sales events. For this reason, you will find better bargains if you can wait for the right time to buy your furniture. For example, many stores launch new furniture lines in the spring and fall, meaning they must clear out the old inventory before the new deliveries arrive. This makes those months the best time to nab a good deal on last season’s styles.

Also, ask your local furniture store if they host warehouse sales several times a year, where they sell overstock, floor samples, and returns. These sales often allow you to negotiate a more significant discount, particularly if an item is marked up because of a visible flaw like a scratch or discoloration.

Another great way to save money on furniture is to shop the clearance section regularly, especially during three-day holiday weekends. For example, Labor Day weekend is one of the best times to get a great deal on furniture because most stores will clear out their stock before bringing in the new lines for autumn and winter.

Look for coupons that expire soon.

A common mistake made by coupon clippers is failing to keep track of all their coupons. This makes them lose out on potential savings. It is best to set aside a dedicated space for your coupons and keep them organized so you can quickly find what you need when you need it.

Another way to save is to shop during a holiday weekend. Furniture stores are under pressure to clear out old styles to make room for new ones, which means you’ll likely see discounts. Presidents Day (in February) and the back-to-school sales in August are great times to score deals on furniture.

Another bright tip from the experts is to shop online. While it may seem counterintuitive to shop without the help of a salesperson, you can often get better deals online than in-store. This is because retailers that sell their products online can offer a discount for shipping and handling costs. It can add significant savings, especially when buying a large item like a sectional or bed.



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