Know Which Typical Types Of Texters Are You?


exting in the modern-day is the most common phenomenon. Studies show that a person, on average, sends min 200+ Messages every day. Days are gone when we used to text in just case of emergency or have daily limits on text messages. Nowadays, we do not go to the custom texts in our SMS folder to forward a quick note. We now live in a world where everybody has their style of texting. Read ahead and check if you recognize what types of texter you are.

What type of texters are you?

Message Chopping 

What Type of Texter Are You

I can confidently say I’m a message chopper sender without any second thought. If you can break your thoughts into a series of texts and compose a sentence as quickly as possible, you are probably viewed as open and enthusiastic. You’re likely to be extremely popular and have a lot of friends, which is why texting is manageable for you.

Usually, People with lively and outgoing personalities prefer to contact their friends via text messages frequently.

Essay Writer

What Kind Of Texter Are You

Unlike message chopper fans, essay writers have no time for drawn-out idiocy. Essay writers often attempt to convey the entire story as fast as they can and thrive on condensing large amounts of information into a single paragraph. If your writings are long and thought-provoking, the chances are that you’re the kind of person who appreciates the significance of the context. If you are thoughtful, you’ll usually have lots to say. 

One-word Responders

These are the most irritating repliers who tend to reply to every message in one word, like hmm, ok, yes, fine, and so on. It isn’t easy to converse with someone who’s only offering one or two-word responses. It places too much stress on you to continue the conversation moving, and if you are having trouble coming up with ideas for things to talk about yourself, it’s possible that the conversation will end up stalling before too long. 

If you are one of a kind, you may be the kind of person who doesn’t have a long time to reply to emails, or perhaps you do not want to engage in-depth because you’re busy with your life! You could be more introverted, too, and prefer spending a significant amount of time by yourself instead of constantly engaging in social activities.

If you like responding to single words, such as an instant “good” or the infamous “K,” you’re probably one who is more reserved about their thoughts or feelings.

Emoji Freakers

Emoji Texters

If a person is engaged in an informal conversation with a family or friend member, using Emojis can be perfectly acceptable. Actually, this could be the best time to make use of the use of emojis, and it frequently enhances conversations by adding a sense of tone and clarity.

You’re simple, sweet, and honest. If you’re feeling either sad or happy, show it off with a witty emoticon. What if you’re mad? The mad Emoji isn’t working, and then you could try using a period.

Do you frequently use emojis when texting? If yes, then you’re frequently viewed as being open to expressing your feelings and honesty. You want people to be aware of your feelings in a post. Don’t be ambiguous! To ensure that your recipient does not get the wrong impression of your message, you must convey your tone by using an emoji each time.

Perfectly Formal Texters

The texter employs impeccable grammar and punctuation and also sends long, formal text messages. While you are impressed by their attention to the high quality of their text but conversations with them may seem a little forced or formal.

There’s a good chance that you’re well-informed and analytical. You don’t typically text frequently, and you prefer conversations in person more. You’re a great thinker and are grounded in reasoning more often than rapid-fire emotions. This is that you pay note of the smallest aspects – even though you’re not a professional, but it’s grammar. Make sure that you finish your sentences with an exclamation point.

Voice Responder

Sending voice response

Such responders are lazy people who hate writing, so they use voice messages. The exciting idea of sending voice messages to text messages comes with its benefits. For instance, if you are looking to get a lot of information out in a short time or have to write down information to be passed on quickly.

Sometimes voice messages offend people because they might be in a situation where they cannot listen to your message. 

Wrapping Up!

Although now might not be aware of that, there are many types of texters that exist in the world that send messages in their style in order to convey their message across. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. However talking to someone who uses a distinct style of writing than you may not be the best choice.

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