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Know How to Take Care of the Healthy life

Caring for a healthy life can be done in various ways. Yes, as part of the male system.

There are various ways to care for health that should be applied by men. Because the health of the becomes very important considering its function as a means of men.

Not only so reproductive function works well, maintaining health will also prevent men from experiencing venereal diseases that can endanger them.

How to care for a healthy life?

Talking about health is not only about erection, premature ejaculation, or its function as a male reproductive organ. More than that, men should also understand how to take care of their genitals.

The reason is, health also affects other aspects of life, for example, stress levels, self-confidence, to household harmony.

There are many ways to treat the men’s problem that you can apply.

No smoking

In cigarette advertisements and on the packaging, it is stated that smoking can cause impotence. Smoking has been shown to cause health problems, Buy Cenforce 100 mg and cenforce 200 mg to treat erectile dysfunction.

This activity can also cause reproductive disorders, one of which makes you infertile.

Therefore, not smoking is also a way to maintain health that you should apply. If all this time you are an active smoker, then try to start leaving this habit.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is one way to treat health because it can reduce the potential for ed.

You don’t need to go to the fitness center ( gym ). Walking for a few kilometers every day is considered enough to maintain the health of your life, as well as therapy to treat Ed if you are experiencing it.

Eat nutritious food

The way to keep a healthy life is also to eat nutritious foods. There is a good content of omega 3 fatty acids which play an essential role in improving health.

In a study, it was found that men who like to eat foods containing flavonoids can avoid Ed in old age. Flavonoids are a group of phytochemical compounds commonly found in vegetables and fruits.

In addition, you can also eat foods that can increase testosterone levels in the body. Starting from spinach, avocado to spicy foods that contain capsaicin.


Avocados are known as one of the superfoods among various types of other fruits and vegetables. This fruit does contain so many nutrients that are very beneficial for the body, including the health of the male.

Zinc can help boost testosterone levels in men. In addition to zinc, avocados also contain vitamin E, which is key in maintaining sperm quality, and omega 3 to protect blood vessel walls from damage.


Spinach is a part of vegetable that is not only good for muscles but is also very good for maintaining the health of the male function. Spinach, broccoli, and various other types of dark vegetables are sources of folic acid. This substance is an important key in maintaining smooth blood circulation, including maintaining a healthy life.

Besides being rich in folic acid, spinach is also a source of magnesium which is also a key to electrolyte balance and can increase testosterone levels, a key hormone in male strength.

Maintain weight

Maintaining weight is a way to keep a healthy life that you should not miss.

Excess body weight (obesity) is at risk of causing diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease. All three contribute to a decline in health and function.

Control stress

One way to keep the healthy and function properly are to control stress, depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental problems.

Mental problems are often associated with a person’s physical dysfunction. Moderate depression reported having a physical dysfunction.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol

The next way to treat them is to avoid alcohol or reduce its consumption. As reported by the Mayo Clinic, consuming alcohol in excess can cause a decreased physical desire for Ed. vidalista 20 and vidalista 60, fildena 100mg to improve male function.

What is a considered healthy life?

There are at least three points that indicate that your is in good health, namely:

The ability to pass urine (pee) comfortably and especially without pain.

If you do not feel any of the three conditions above, immediately consult a doctor you trust to get the right diagnosis and treatment.



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