How would you avoid blocked drains at home?

Home maintenance can be a pain in the neck if there are blocked drains. We can agree that a blocked drain is not easy to deal with as it seems. A clogged drain creates an uncomfortable environment in your house and it can damage your property or building

Hair, grease, soap, or waste can also clog the drainage system. We recommend using drain covers to avoid such foreign substances. During a shower, hair often blocked drains. In this article, you will provide you with every issue in detail so that you can do to avoid blockage. First, let us analyze the benefits of cleaning blocked drains.

Benefits of cleaning blocked drains

  • Hygiene is good

Blocked drains are fertile ground for the breeding of germs and bacteria. On top of that, the foul stench will make your home uncomfortable. You should hire professionals who can clean your clogged drains using eco-friendly chemicals, without damaging your pipes and drains.

  • Experienced cleaners

Professional plumbers have years of experience. With their help, you can get rid of any blocked drains. You can deal with thorny issues without the expertise and you do not need to invest an additional amount for buying such cleaning tools. Plumbers are equipped with advanced tools and they can easily identify the clogged area of your drainage system. They can clean your drains with their advanced tools, and they can reline your underneath pipelines if needed.

  • The efficiency of professional cleaners

For sure, there are several methods prescribed for getting rid of blocked drains. One standard way is using chemicals that cause a reaction in the gutter and pipeline. If this method succeeds, then you will not have to spend a hefty sum in repairs. It would be best to hire a professional plumber to unclog your drain.

Precautions that will stop blocked drains

  • Avoid grease

Make sure to avoid oil and grease pouring in your kitchen sink. These two substances will block your drainage system. No doubt, the drain can flush away liquids like milk and water, but you cannot flush out the cooking oil and grease. Once these viscous liquids block the pipes, it can be challenging to remove them.

  • Flushing down the toilet

Often, the drainage system cannot flush away toilet paper and human waste, leading to blocked drains. The powerful flushing plays a pivotal role to avoid any blockage. It would be best to dispose toilet paper in a dustbin to prevent blockage. You can use a bin in your bathroom and store such used substances in your bin.

  • Sink strainers

Sink strainers are made with mesh, small metal, or silicone sieves. You can place them over plugholes to safeguard your drains. You can see the difference in how this tool will avoid larger gunk from blocking your drainage system.

  • Underground drainage

You cannot remove the clogs from your underground drainage system and you need to hire trained professionals in this regard. They can identify such clogged areas by their CCTVs and reline your pipelines if needed.

You will find many plumbers who can fix any blocked drains. They are equipped with a specific kind of tool whenever sinks and toilets need fixing. Hand tools, electric eels, chemical treatment, high-pressure jetting, pipe relining, etc. are some of the work done by professionals. Choose the best person for cleaning blocked drains.

So the point is while dealing with blocked drains, do not forget to contact a professional if things are complicated. Initially, you can use warm water mixed with baking soda to clean the drains. Else, you can use a plunger to clean your drain. If you cannot remove such things from your drains then you must call a plumber. Always check their license, experience level and review before you hire.

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