How We Make East Barnet Taxi Safer As The World Is Recovering

We’re finally getting ready for a return to travel since the virus is gradually but surely getting past us. Airports are set to become more accessible and our normal routine of moving about can be restored. If you’re planning your journey between Stansted through Heathrow Airport on your way to your final destination, whether it’s the exotic resort as well as another region, security must be your primary importance.

As a business that provides Stansted for Heathrow Taxi Services, it is crucial for us to ensure that our passengers are in good health and safe. To do this, we have developed a set of basic rules which if adhered to, will ensure safety for everyone involved.

East Barnet Taxi

How We Make East Barnet Taxi Safer As The World Is Recovering
How We Make East Barnet Taxi Safer As The World Is Recovering

A Mask Is a Must

The COVID-19 virus cannot be airborne. The method of transmission is through droplets that are released into the air when we talk and breathe. A mask that is worn in the Barnet Cabs while you travel will provide a barrier to stop the flow of droplets that carry over the distance of the speaker. This includes all passengers and the driver, of course.

Clean Is Safe

This isn’t a guideline riders must follow, but it is one we are able to guarantee. All members of the Stansted and Heathrow taxi drivers adhere to a strict and uncompromising standard for sanitation and hygiene. Each surface that comes into contact with passengers is cleaned after every ride.

Distancing and Touchless Transactions

We recommend every transaction to be completely frictionless. It is recommended that riders carry their own luggage, but to be safe, our Stansted taxi drivers will be glad to assist you with your luggage if you require assistance. East Barnet Taxi, you should utilize a credit card to tap instead of cash exchange. If you must make use of cash as a method of payment , make sure you clean your hands before even touching the cash.

Wait Times Are Flexible

Understanding that preparations during these difficult times can be more time-consuming than usual however, our drivers are advised to give you plenty of time to be ready. This is particularly true for airport pickups where getting off the plane could take longer than normal due to extra security procedures. We welcome our customers to call us when they anticipate that leaving the baggage area will take longer than 60 minutes to get to where the Edgware Taxis driver waits and, in other instances, we’ll be waiting to assist you.

In addition to these basic rules, we’ll make sure you’re safe and comfortable with every method with our assistance. We’ll have sanitizer and hand wipes available on board. We will also offer all the necessary assistance to make sure your Heathrow transfer to Stansted as well as Stansted from Heathrow Taxi Services experience is the safest and most enjoyable!

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