How to Prepare for Eid and Make it Special for everyone!

Every year, Muslims around the world observe two religious’ holidays: Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. Eid-ul-Fitr commemorates the completion of the lunar month of fasting (Ramadan), whereas Eid-ul-Adha commemorates the tenth lunar month of pilgrimage (Hajj) (Dhul Hijja).

If you don’t celebrate any other holidays save Eid, making festival the best days of the year is a lot easier. However, if you celebrate other days as well, and your children are likely to be exposed to all of the mainstream holidays and birthdays, you may be wondering how to make Eid exciting and entertaining when most people aren’t even off work?

Early preparations:

Whether you get a countdown calendar that you fill up with activities, candy or gifts, Ramadan baskets or Eid baskets, let them know that this day is significant to you. They will take onto your excitement so model that enthusiasm. These emotions can only be conveyed when we ourselves feel them; just as you can’t pour water from an empty vessel, you can’t pour the fountains from an empty vessel. EID is all about opulence and sophistication. Looking for perfect and traditional styles and clothes for Eid, Your outfits must be festive while yet being useful. You will be attending a number of events throughout the approaching EID week. You will, however, be a host as well. As a result, you must strike a balance between attractive and functional.

Look Glamorous in the Daytime:

The sun’s going nowhere that’s for sure unless a family of clouds pays its favourite cities a visit. Well, has the weather ever been a barrier once you decide to glam-up for Eid? I’m sure never. Your clothing is naturally ready-to-wear, thanks to the luxurious Eid Clothes for making that part of life simple.

The Grand-Party look:

That should be your first and last festive event of the evening. Everyone else is free to find a new date. I’m sure each of us has been a hostess or a guest at a large family gathering where four generations of relatives gather to eat and drink (just a metaphor). For starters, ditch the two-piece look in favour of a three-piece ensemble. You don’t want your dadi-ma and nani-ma to be offended since you aren’t wearing anything.

Carry Slides:

As a host or even if you are a guest, your feet are at your mercy, just like everything else, so be kind to them. On the other hand, you can’t just go: “Who’s going to be looking at my feet anyways? I’ll put anything glittery on! “That thought is a killer because your phupoo will notice your bad taste in footwear. She is already making a snarky comment. Well, balance it out!

Purse for Perfection

Add a beautifully carried  purse to this mix and Voila! Out you go to beat the sun at its own game “wink”.

 Out with the companions:

It’s companions’ time! lunch or dinner? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is you’re probably opting for fine dining and that calls for a fine outfit and everything that goes with it. Looking for some good outfits? Are you looking for Eid clothes UK? Get an eye-catching composition and contemporary cuts, the perfect recipe for unparalleled elegance. Just focus on your type of clothes and get yourself the precious and enchanting look. Footwear is where you can highlight the delicate pick of your dress that’s a bit overshadowed amidst the multitude of hues.

Going or Having Tea on EID:

At tea, everything occurs. Tea isn’t just tea during Eid; it’s high tea. This is, without a doubt, everybody’s favourite look. A traditional festive wear ensemble with a modern touch. How frequently do you get something like that?

Everyone must be looking Decent and fashionable:

On this festive season make sure you are going to wear differently fashion clothes, men women, kids and elders. Must be focused on what are you going to attend. A family get-together, family event occasioned on Eid, someone’s marriage or a food fest. Not everyone’s single or married, right? The thought just crossed my mind: what about my girls who’re in the engagement phase? Please pay attention to my grand finale for the guide to a gorgeous Eid: the best Eid look ever!

Live Your Best

Eid is all about being your best self. What your wear is important, but it’s also important to feel your best. If you think you can skip the bangles, you should. If you think you will do better without Henna, then keep your hands simple. Focus on looking good. Create lasting memories. Henna can be applied to little girls as well. However, make sure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep so that the kids aren’t fussy when it’s time for the Eid prayer in the morning.

We all know what a sleepless child means for your Eid as well. Prepare everything in one location so that you can spend as little time as possible getting ready in the morning (as to not miss the sermon of Eid either).Preparing small goody packs for kids in the Eid place is one of the most exciting activity. Let the kids make their own packets of sweets or dates or whatever you like to gift the kids after the Eid salah. We love filling them with something sweet as the kids usually love sweet stuff.

All in the end, if you are spending Eid at home, then it’s time to make it fun for kids with games, crafts, activities and treasure hunt etc. In short, you can enjoy the whole days of Eid by wearing good, eating tasty, enjoying with friends, family, siblings and relatives.

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