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How To Prepare Engineering Project Report In Your Final Semester?

Every student has to submit an engineering project report during the four-year engineering degree program. Most universities require students to submit a project report in their final year. In contrast, some prestigious institutes make it mandatory for students to work on a project report every semester. Many students feel intimidated by project report writing, especially when they have no experience. But, all you need is proper guidelines and instructions about writing a project report. Once you familiarize yourself with the fundamental constituents of a project report, writing becomes easier. This article will guide you about the structure and format of an engineering project report to ease your burden.  

How Should An Engineering Student Write A Project Report?

A senior year project for engineering is an arduous task, and it takes a lot of time and effort to complete one. The senior year project encompasses designing, modelling, programming, testing phase creation and project execution. There is no doubt that completing an engineering project requires rigour and precision. Students must follow all the steps to ensure a good grade. But, all this effort goes into vain if students cannot write a proper report.

An engineering project report is also crucial in securing a good grade. Completing a project is not enough; you must explain it to others. The explanation requires articulating your thoughts or work in a structured manner. Many students fail the task of report writing probably because they don’t take it seriously. Although practical work is necessary for engineering students, report writing is also essential to get credit for the work. Engineering students should keep the following things in mind for writing a project report:

  • In a project report, you will have to outline the exact and detailed information on the project’s various features
  • An engineering project report is a synopsis of the entire project
  • You will have to elaborate on the objectives of your project
  • Engineering report encompasses informing the reader about the theoretical considerations
  • The report covers precise information about the results, practical implications, and outcomes
  • You will also have to explain the study design, experimentation and findings briefly
  • In the end, you will have to write a conclusion and provide recommendations

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How Do You Structure A Final Year Project?

A final year engineering project report has the following structure:

  • Title
  • Statement of Declaration
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Abstract/Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Design/ Research Methodology
  • Findings and Results
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Title Page

The title page should contain the following information:

  • Project Title
  • Your Full Name
  • Date of Completion and submission
  • Name of the Supervisor
  • Name of the Institute
  • Department’s name

Statement of Declaration

A declaration statement means that students affirm that the project is their original work. Students confirm that the work is not plagiarized.

List of Abbreviations

Make a list of abbreviations, definitions, and extended forms for the acronyms and technical terms. It helps the reader who is not familiar with the technical jargon.


Abstract or executive summary should have the following elements:

  • Provide a synopsis or a brief overview of the entire report
  • Summarize the entire report in not more than 250 words
  • Do not write it at the last minute, but spend some time writing it
  • The abstract should inform the reader about the entire report and its contents
  • Make it clear to the reader in the abstract that your report is worth reading
  • Start with the problem you intend to solve in your project. Provide some facts and figures to demonstrate the importance of your project.
  • Highlight the objectives of the report
  • Specify how you solved the problem related to your project. In short, what was the methodology you adopted?
  • Briefly explain the experiments you conducted and how did you conduct them. In a nutshell, it pertains to the research design
  • Summarize the findings of your project by briefly outlining the actual results and conclusion

Table of Contents

You can automatically generate a table of contents in MS Word. It provides a list of chapters along with page numbers.


An introduction is an essential part of the report that entices the reader to read the entire academic report. The introduction section has the following features:

  • Briefly outline the problem you intend to solve in the project
  • Specify the objectives of the study
  • Inform the reader about the methodology, research design and implementation
  • Summarize the findings
  • The introduction must provide a clear idea of your research objectives. How did you achieve them?
  • For an engineering project report, you can include images and diagrams to help the reader understand the problem

Literature Review

Literature review refers to reviewing the publications and research work relevant to your project. The purpose of a literature review is to identify the gaps and avoid replication. Keep the following things in mind while writing this section:

  • A literature review provides the background knowledge to the reader about your project
  • Identify the gaps in the previous research and demonstrate the significance of your project
  • Informs the reader about the current practices and knowledge paradigm in your field
  • A thorough literature review builds your credibility among the readers. It enhances the trustworthiness of your project

Research Design/ Research Methodology

This section should have the following components:

  • What research methods did you utilize to tackle the project?
  • Did you use only quantitative methods or qualitative as well?
  • What mathematical models did you use?
  • Specify the methodology you used for the project
  • How did you conduct experiments?
  • What instruments did you use?

Findings and Results

The findings and result section should have the following components:

  • Use tables, charts and graphs to highlight your findings and results
  • Present the actual results and findings that you obtained during the project
  • A clear and vivid representation of data

Conclusion & Recommendations

The conclusion section reiterates the original research problem and objectives of the project. It highlights the significance of the project based on findings and results. It also includes recommendations for future research or practical work in that field.


A good engineering project report must have proper references and a bibliography section. After completing your report cite the sources that you utilized for the report. You can look for referencing guidelines online or consult your department to provide the guidelines. Report writing is an essential part of degree completion in engineering. Report writing enables you to communicate the significance of your engineering project to the world.



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