How to make a spring page drawing – Drawing techniques

How to make a spring page drawing. For today’s tutorial, we were inspired by spring. March is almost upon us, with it will bring incredibly bright and bright colors, typical of this season. Without forgetting the animals and nature, the blossoming of flowers, and the chirping of birds above the trees. To fully immerse ourselves in spring, we have created a spring quote page characterized by bright and super bright colors. The protagonists of our design will be colored flowers, a cactus, and very nice bees.

The material you need to make the Spring Quote Page

To create this excellent spring Quote Page, we will use several products from the well-known Sakura of America. Thanks to high-quality products, such as Pigma Micron or Pigma Brush Pen, the American company represents excellence in the world of felt-tip pens and markers and draw landscape drawing.

Let’s find out what you need today:

  • Sakura Manga Paper 250 Gms sheet
  • Sakura Pigma Brush Pen
  • Sakura Pen Touch Markers
  • Graduated marker, tip 0.3 mm
  • Graphite pencil

We want to do a little insight into the Sakura Pigma Brush Pen, the protagonists of this cute drawing. These markers are specially designed and made for lettering. We are talking about Brush Pen with a highly soft tip, which allows you to draw lines of varying thickness. In addition, Sakura Pigma ink does not drip onto the sheet and is waterproof and permanent, making these markers ideal for those looking for a quick-drying brush pen.

What are the goals of this article?

With this article, we have decided to bring something new to our Blog, a novelty. We have never described, step by step, how to make a quote page. The tutorial will show different techniques: we will mainly see how to draw doodles, adorable and colorful little drawings. And above all, we will explain how to make lettering, defined as the art of drawing letters.

In addition to showing how doodles and lettering are made, the main objective is to propose a colorful and fun drawing suitable for all artists!

We make the spring quote page with Sakura of America products.

Once the protagonists of the drawing have been established, in our case: bees, cacti, flowers, and lettering, we can start with the creation of the quote page.

How to prepare the sheet

The first step of our design is preparing the sheet, a fundamental step for the excellent success of the quote page. So let’s find out how!

Using a 250 mg Sakura Manga Paper sheet and a graphite pencil, I roughly delimited the workspace, drawing a rectangle.

Draw the doodles

Our quote page sees doodles as protagonists. Before explaining this step, we want to describe what these cute little drawings are briefly. The word “doodle” in English means scribble. They are precisely those drawings that we make while we are pensive and we have a pencil and a small sheet of paper in front of us. In light of this, my advice is not to focus too much on perfect shapes or strokes, the more inaccurate the doodles, the better for our quote page!

I started drawing the doodles from the bottom, using the graphite pencil previously used to prepare the sheet. As already stated, it is not needed to be extremely precise in drawing the doodles. Feel free to give free rein to your imagination to draw flowers, bees, and cacti!

Making the lettering

After completing the doodles and drawing the guidelines, you can proceed with the realization of the lettering. When we talk about lettering, we are not talking about simple writing but a work of art in all respects. Every single letter within the report is created in detail and plays a unique role. For example, on our quote page, I made different types of lettering, thanks to the help of the pencil. Finally, I chose a nice phrase, which recalls spring and contains a play on words that features the term “bee,” in Italian, ape. I recommend that you choose the style and phrase you prefer!

After having finished the realization of the writing in pencil, thanks to the help of the graduated marker, I went over the doodles and the lettering. I used a liner with a 0.3 mm tip, but it is also possible to use one with more extensive information. I did not purposely go over the first two words with the liner, and we will see later what I thought for them.

Paint with the Sakura Pigma Brush Pen Green

The time has come to use the fantastic Pigma Brush Pen. In this step, we will use the green color. Once I recovered the green marker, I wrote the first two words: “Can you.” First, I want to give you some advice regarding using these Brush Pens: as we mentioned previously, the tip of these markers is highly soft. Therefore, if you are not particularly experienced, you must be very careful in descending from the descending to the ascending stroke and vice versa.

Color and create points of light

We have instantly entered the point of our spring quote page; we have to color it! I used classic water-based colored markers for the coloring, obviously choosing bright and luminous colors that recall spring. Once the paint was complete, I used a gray Brush Pen to create the shadows. After this step, thanks to the Sakura Pen Touch Marker with a 1.0 mm tip, I made the light points. Our spring quote page is over! However, I hope you have enjoyed reading this excellent tutorial that plunges us into spring. Now all that remains is to get to work! Please send us your achievements and considerations or leave comments on the results obtained!

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