How to Find a Reputable Diamond Dealer in Texas: 5 Tips for Success

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Finding a reliable diamond dealer is equal to getting a high-quality diamond. Once you found a reliable diamond dealers then they can offer you good diamonds, so as a buyer do your part in looking for an honest diamond dealer. You can find several diamond dealers in Texas that you can count on, you just have to verify who among them is legit and reliable. 

Tips on How to Find a Reputable Diamond Dealer in Texas

Check on Their Reputation 

Reputation can be a measurement of how diamond dealer deals with their customers. Check on the dealer’s reputation by visiting their online platforms or even visiting their physical stores and observing how they deal with their clients. Be keen on hearing a thing about several diamond dealers in Texas, a good diamond dealer will be talked about by many and all you need to do is verify by doing your part. 

Check on Their Staff

Diamond sellers should show a satisfactory customer rating especially if they are selling precious gems, which means they have enough knowledge about diamonds and are trained on how to demonstrate the authenticity of the diamonds they are selling. A seller who knows their product well can sell easily and can convince more customers that their products are indeed what they are. Diamonds are graded differently and the staff should show that they know the differences in each diamond grade. Buying from stores that can discuss with you the details of the diamonds they are selling can save you time and money as well, since they can pinpoint the diamonds you really want and can that help you buy a diamond that is of your money’s worth. 

Know Their Return and Exchange Policy

Before you make a purchase it is wise to know the return and exchange policy of the diamond store. This way you know what are the situations that may arise once you have some unexpected events that may occur after the purchase. Knowing what is written in the policies is essential since this can give a clear agreement between you and the seller, both of you can be on the safe side just in case there will be an exchange or return that may occur. 

Check Their Diamonds’ Prices

Checking on their diamond prices can tell if they are honest enough to give good pricing. You can check the average pricing of diamonds online, then compare them with the store’s prices. So you can check if their prices are just right or overpricing. Honest diamond dealers would be giving pricing that is within the range of the Rapaport report, where diamond prices are based. Pricing of diamonds can be tricky so better educate yourself before you talk to your diamond dealer so you can be on the same bought once you talk about it. Diamonds are priced per carat, their quality grades, and their shapes. 

Know Their Diamond Evaluator 

Diamonds are evaluated to verify their values and grades. There are diamond evaluators who can be reliable and make sure that your diamond dealers are partnered with them. The Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society are the two that top the list of the most popular and most reliable diamond evaluators. Choose a diamond dealer who can issue a diamond certification that comes from these two evaluators, so you can be assured of the authenticity of the diamond you will be buying. 

How many diamonds does the average diamond dealer in Texas sell?

Since diamond ranges from low grade to high grade, a diamond seller can sell a few per day and they can even sell more depending on the demands of the people. 

Where do they source their diamonds from?

They came from Mines. When referring to natural diamonds are mined and they are usually taken from several countries that have diamonds produced from their mines such as Botswana, Brazil, Congo, Australia, Russia, China, and South Africa. The diamonds are then transported to Texas and are bought by wholesale diamond dealers. Most established wholesale diamond dealers have connections with miners who directly transact with them every time they have available diamonds to sell. 

Deal with legit diamond dealers only and check on them before you finalized your purchase to avoid any issues after the purchase.

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