How To File A Court Marriage Application In Delhi?

Judicial marriages are becoming increasingly popular among modern couples in India, as opposed to the more traditional wedding ceremonies. India is a youthful nation with a population that reflects its diversity. Because the Special Marriage Act of 1954 governs marriages that take place in court, couples do not have to go through any elaborate rituals or ceremonies to tie the knot in this context. Examine some of the most vital information on how to do court marriage in delhi and in other parts of India, such as the prerequisites that must be met and the documents and processes that must be carried out.

Delhi Court Marriage Process

Marriage requirements in court are as follows:

  • Age requirements: The bride must be at least 18 years old, and the groom must be at least 21.
  • They may be of any race, area, ethnic group, religion, caste, social class, or tribe.
  • Unmarried: Both parties must be willing, unmarried, mature, and in good mental and physical health.
  • The couple shouldn’t fall under the list of forbidden relationships.
  • Both of them should be healthy and capable of having children.

In Delhi, Who Officiates Court Marriages?

Court marriages take place in front of a marriage registrar, and two to four witnesses, and are civil ceremonies. To complete the necessary paperwork, the couple must get in touch with the closest Deputy Commissioner, Sub-registrar, or Sub-divisional magistrate office. The couple can go to the sub-registrar or magistrate’s office to get the marriage registered and receive the marriage certificate as proof if it has already been solemnized under a separate Act.

What Paperwork Is Necessary For A Court Marriage?

Original copies of the following papers must be submitted in Delhi to petition for a court marriage:

  • Four current passport-size color photos in color must be submitted by the pair.
  • Use a voter card, ration card, bank passbook, driver’s license, passport, lease deed, or rent deed as residential proof for the pair.
  • Born on date Documents that serve as proof of the relationship include the Municipal Corporation Certificate, the X or XII Examination Certificate, the Passport, or the PAN Card.
  • Additionally, 2 or 4 witnesses as well as ID, address, and two passport photos should be brought.
  • The divorce decree and widower certificate must also be submitted if the pair is a divorced or widowed couple.

How To Get Married In Delhi Court?

  1. The pair must submit a combined application to the marriage bureau’s office that is closest to them, as well as individual affidavits with proof of identity and address that have been notarized.
  2. Along with the application form, the receipt for the Rs 100 to Rs 150 marriage registration cost must be given.
  3. Make sure to include copies of any original documents as well as photographs, signatures, and witness documentation.
  4. The marriage officer then posts a month’s notice of the impending union at his office and sends copies to all parties involved, as well as the marriage official in the county where one of the couples resides.
  5. After one month, the couple and witnesses must appear in front of the officer to set the wedding day, location, and other details. If there are any legitimate objections, the officer addresses them by his office’s requirements.
  6. In front of the officer and witnesses, a quick marriage ceremony is held, complete with the exchanging of rings or garlands, etc.
  7. The witnesses all willingly sign the document, and the registrar pronounces the couple wed.
  8. In a court of law, the marriage certificate is still admissible as evidence.

A practicing attorney who is a member of the regional or state bar council may also provide legal assistance to a couple getting married.

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