How to connect Apple AirPods to a Chromebook

AirPods and Chromebooks may not appear like allies, but don’t worry: They are compatible appreciations to the AirPod’s versatile Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth permits your AirPods to attach to various devices for basic audio objectives, which retains your Chromebook.

From hearing podcasts and online classes to playing music while you are at work, your AirPods are glad to help out. Here is how to link AirPods to a Chromebook.

Check your Bluetooth settings.

First, complete basic steps like making sure your Chromebook and AirPods are charged and logging onto your Chromebook. If you have at no time used these AirPods prior and have an Apple gadget handy, we recommend you link them with that Apple gadget first and finish the full AirPods naming/setup procedure so you would not have to worry about that afterwards.


#1 Peek at the bottom-right of your Chrome OS home screen, where you will locate the clock and many settings icons. It will have the icon of the network with the radar symbol, also known as Quick Settings.

#2: click Quick Settings to extend a settings menu that shows various information, including your connections of wireless. The Bluetooth button should be straight in the middle, up top. Check on the button to making it sure lit to blue and states “on.” If, for whatever cause, your Chrome OS Bluetooth is not on, choose the miniature dropdown menu beneath the button is turn it on prior you begin.

Search your AirPods

Similarly, have your AirPods close by for this function! Ensure the case battery is charged and both of your AirPods are in its case.


#1: Select the Bluetooth button of Chrome. The Bluetooth device will run a hunt for any closeby compatible gadgets. Let it complete the search, and it should have selected up your AirPods and will document them as a pairing opportunity, represented by an icon of headphones. If you have before set up your AirPods, label them with your name. 

#2: If your Chromebook is not picking them up and your AirPods are close by, reverse your AirPod case through and look for the button on the back, Setup button of Apple’s. Push it once, which should boost your Chromebook to pick it up as a connectable gadget.

Connect your AirPods to your Chromebook


#1: Once you locate your AirPods on the checklist, choose them, and your Chromebook will automatically begin to link with the earbuds. It may take a few seconds.

#2: You should see a pop-up displaying that your AirPods are now linked with your Chromebook, and the status icon in the Bluetooth area will change consequently. You may have to ensure your connection if this is the first time attempting it.

#3: Bring a point to play a quick audio clip and modify your Chromebook audio to a proper level for your AirPod use. You should be good to go! You can select your AirPods from the same checklist at any moment to disconnect them if you want, or press and hold the Setup button on your case for the same effect.

Limitations of Chromebook with AirPods

While the AirPods are pleased to connect via Bluetooth, the results would not be exact as connecting them to an Apple gadget like a MacBook or iPhone. Various AirPod attributes are only kept on Apple’s gadget. You would be able to trigger and use Siri literally from the AirPods as you would on iOS, and connected features like AirPod battery detection will also be disabled.

If you have got AirPods that sustain Spatial Audio via Dolby Atmos, those Spatial Audio components will not work on gadgets like Chromebooks, also. Apple is getting Spatial Audio aid to Android devices, but only on specific models and only with wired headphones, not AirPods.