How to choose cosmetics according to the most standard skin type

How to choose cosmetics according to the most standard skin type? This is probably a common question asked by many women. Because each person’s skin will have different characteristics. Meanwhile, cosmetic products often only respond well to a certain skin type. Therefore, you need to determine your skin type, so that you can choose the right product

Characteristics and how to recognize each skin type

Before sharing with you the experience to choose cosmetics according to the right skin type, let’s learn about the characteristics and how to recognize each skin type. Skin moisture is a factor that reflects the ability of skin cells in the epidermis and dermis to hold water. Normal skin will have ingredients that help maintain moisture, acting as a bridge for skin cells to connect with free water molecules outside.

The oiliness of the skin refers to the level of the natural oil layer secreted by the sebaceous glands on the surface of the skin. This oil layer protects the skin from moisture loss from the inside and limits the penetration of external factors. Moisture and oiliness will have an effect on smoothness, elasticity, response to external influences, rate of skin aging, and sensitivity of the skin to chemicals and cosmetics. Currently, our skin is divided into 4 basic types as follows:

Normal skin

Normal skin is ideal, balanced skin; With small pores, the skin is smooth and shiny just right. Skin generally responds well to most cosmetics.

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Dry skin

Dry skin has a thin layer of oil or no oil and is prone to dehydration. Dry skin has very small pores but wrinkles are more prominent. The skin always feels tight and uncomfortable; The epidermis lacks moisture, so it is easy to experience roughness and peeling. The use of inappropriate cosmetics can easily cause dry skin, itching, and allergies.

Oily skin

Oily skin is skin that tends to be shiny and greasy due to excess oil. This skin type is characterized by large pores, prone to acne and acne scars. The rate of aging of oily skin is slower because they are quite “inert” to some harmful agents. The skin also reacts slowly to cosmetics, making it difficult for makeup to last long and easy to slip off.

Combination skin

Combination skin is divided into different areas, the area is dry and the area is oily. Usually, the skin will be oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry in the cheeks.

To determine the correct skin type, please do the following: First, wash your face in the morning and do not use any Hanoi cosmetics or other makeup. Around the middle of the day, use oil blotting paper on the cheeks, nose wings, chin, and forehead. If the paper is completely oil-free, then it is dry, if the paper is moderately oily, then it is normal, if the paper is soaked in oil, then it is oily, if the T-zone is oily but the cheeks have little or no oil. it’s combination skin.

Instructions on how to choose cosmetics according to skin type

Why should you choose cosmetics according to your skin type? As mentioned above, each skin type has its own characteristics and properties, so the care and selection of cosmetics are also different. As follows:

Cosmetics for dry skin

Choose cosmetics with high moisturizing ability, which are combined with NMFs or other artificial humectants such as glycerol, ceramide-3, urea.

Choose cosmetic products that are thick cream or serum that will easily penetrate deep into the skin.

Cosmetic ingredients need to be lighter, to avoid irritating the skin.

– In the product name, there are phrases such as creamy, smooth, soft, dewy, …

Cosmetics for oily skin

Choose lighter, liquid cosmetics, mostly water-based and in gel form, to limit adding to the existing oiliness of the skin.

– Combine more cleansing and antibacterial ingredients to be effective in treating acne.

The product name can include words like oil-free, shine-free, matte, oil-absorbing, shine control, etc.

Cosmetics for combination skin

You should use different cosmetics for oily skin and dry skin. If you do not have time, it is also necessary to have at least two separate cosmetics, cleanser, and foundation. Because they come into direct contact with our skin every day.


Until then, you already know how to choose cosmetics by skin type, right? For specific advice on cosmetics suitable for your skin as well as choosing genuine and good quality skin care and beauty products; Please learn about cosmetic knowledge carefully before deciding to buy any product. You can find out more information at and in particular Heaux Cosmetics Review. Hope you can learn and choose for yourself the product you like

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