How Important a Wedding Cake is for a successful wedding?

The wedding cake is the highlight of every wedding celebration. We have put together some wedding customs, interesting facts and things worth knowing about the sweet temptation for you…

Cutting your wedding cake with the cake knife symbolizes the intention to act together in the future. Those who know their way around pay attention to the hand positions of the bride and groom. Because traditionally the groom holds his hand over the hand of the bride when cutting the wedding cakes in Jagraon while the bride guides the cake knife. This symbolizes that the groom is in charge and indicates the future, common direction, but the bride still manages the fate in secret.

As is well known, the wedding cake should not only sweeten the day of the wedding, but also symbolically sweeten the entire marriage. But much more is interpreted into the custom of the wedding cake. Even if you might not otherwise consider yourself a superstitious person: It can’t hurt to consider a few things – better safe than sorry.


The wedding cake is said to have existed in ancient Rome. According to tradition, a dry almond cake was baked there and crumbled over the heads of the newlyweds. Since sugar and flour were very expensive foodstuffs back then, the cake was supposed to bring wealth and prosperity to the bride and groom.

The wedding cakes in Jagraon as we know it today, however, was not created until the 19th century when sugar became an object of everyday use and the confectioner / confectioner became an increasingly important profession. In India in particular, the nobility had lavishly decorated cakes made for parties and celebrations.

Story of Wedding Cakes

The “Wedding Cake” narrative is another distinct interpretation. The wedding cake consists of a tower of cakes that the guests brought to the wedding party and stacked on top of each other. The bride and groom were then faced with the task, they had to kiss over the cake tower. If the kiss worked, the bride and groom would be lucky, as they are now, in the future. In some areas, the newlyweds kept small pieces of the wedding cake until their first child was born. At the christening, the guests ate “Wedding Cake” again. In other areas, the bride and groom cut the cake after kissing and distributed it to all guests.

A wedding cake is traditionally built on five floors. Of course, each floor has its own meaning. So they stand for the birth, confirmation / communion, wedding, children and finally the end of life. The wedding cakes in Jagraon can thus represent the life cycle of the bride and groom. Of course you can also represent your life together with a three-tier wedding cake wedding, family, old age

Involve your guests actively when cutting the wedding cake and let them be part of your supporting program. Ask your confectioner to bake a small piece of jewelry or money into the cake. Anyone who finds the piece of jewelry or money will receive a small gift from the bride and groom!

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