How Detecting A Slab Leaks And Repairing Them Early Can Save You Money

We all have heard a proverb that a stitch in time saves nine. However, it is when we realize it we get the actual benefits from it. Here we are talking about the leaks in your homes. Plumbing issues are one of the most common day-to-day problems that we face. They might look negligible initially but the cost that they bring later is what you would surely like to avoid. 

Here we are going to look at the problem of a slab leak that almost every household faces. Slab leak sounds a common thing however if you think it’s something tricky then looking for the best slab leak repair Anaheim, San Diego, San Jose (wherever you are in Cali) seems good. Further, if you need slab leak repair Anaheim or anywhere else in the U.S you can always check on our blogs. 

For now, let’s get to the main topic of how an early detection and repair of slab leaks is essential and can save you money. 


To repair something you first have to identify the fault and its location. The same is the case with your slab leak. Here are some common signs that would help you detect a leak in your slab:

  • Water Leak: One of the most common ways to detect a leak is the leaking of water. Water is known to make space from leaks and vents and is seen dripping easily. If no water-based appliance is not working and still water is dripping it’s a sign that you should catch and act.
  • Wet Spots: Have you ever seen a wet spot in your ceilings especially around corners or the center of the wall. This moisture is nothing but a hint of leakage. Such spongy spots are early signs of leakage and when you see them act quickly else be ready for damage.
  • Fall in water pressure: Another thing that you can notice to detect the leakage is the fall in the water pressure from your faucets. If the water pressure has started to decrease suddenly then there are high chances that the leakage has taken place.
  • Water Bills:  The rise in your monthly water bill without the rise in your water usage is a sign that there is something fishy. That is a leakage alert. However, this comes as a late reminder and the above mentioned methods can be visible earlier. 

The Cost Of Ignorance

Just as ignorance towards anything has a cost, ignorance towards these signs of leakage too has a cost.  Here is what the ignorance towards the leaks can cause:

  • Damage to walls and floors: The development of wet spots is a sign of not only leakage but also that your walls and flooring are underwater. In long run this can damage the walls and floorings like the way a termite eats away the wood. Which means the interior of the house would be done and dusted. 
  • Structural Damage: The water as we said earlier can penetrate easily via vents and leaks. This can reach the structural material penetrating the pores of walls and flooring. There it can cause rusting and this would make the very foundation of the house weak. Fall of ceiling or sinking of floor are some common examples of structural failure. 
  • Health Damage: A less talked about but very important thing in this regard is the health damages. Moisturized and wet walls that make the interior of your home are known to cause breathing-related issues to inhabitants. Further, they can cause serious issues to any allergies or asthma patient in the house. Long exposure to such an environment can be dangerous for you and your family’s health. Thus, more than monetary cost, health is also at stake.  

How To Get It Done

The best thing you can do when you detect a leak in your home is to:

  • Investigate the cause behind it
  • Fix the dent in the pipe in case there is damage to it
  • Close the main water wall in case you feel the leakage is big
  • Check all the water-based appliances to ensure that the leakage is not from there or affecting that

These are some preliminary checks that you can do as a first-hand action. In case you are unable to detect the exact cause or feel that the issue is beyond your homely remedies, it’s time to call professional help. Don’t hesitate to call the plumbing services providers in your area and get the things done. Thinking of monetary cost as we said would only cause facing more repair issues later.


The idea from our discussion that we did here is that detection action and solution is the approach when it comes to slab leaks (and for that matter any plumbing issue). The most common reason behind the big damages that households face due to plumbing issues annually is the negligence of the early signs. The signs of leakage detection that we mentioned here are something that you can find quite easily and are visible. The only thing that you need to do after detection which is often delayed is the action. Hope next time you won’t delay the action when you notice such signs.

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