How Can Your Project Make Use Of Edge Protection?

When working at heights, edge protection is a crucial safety component.  There is a variety of edge projection systems that may be applied to several various tasks to keep your workers and employees safe and complete the work quickly. The common distinct types of edge protection brackets used by workers to ensure safety are:

  • Residential Bracket: This bracket, also referred to as a pole-up system, is held in place by tension and simple geometry. It has a 6m maximum height limit and doesn’t need anchors.
  • Commercial Bracket: This bracket is of the bolt-on variety and fastens easily to steel, brick, or wood.
  • The parapet/slab clamp, again using friction with the option to secure, is used for parapet walls or slab edges.
  • Surface Mount Bracket: This bracket fastens to metal sheet or Clip-Lok roof surfaces.

This article has provided some common circumstances where edge protection may be required below to assist you to decide whether to hire it.

Protecting The Edges Of Roof Repair

For simple roof repairs on single-story houses, edge protection for roof can be used. The residential bracket, in general opinion, is the finest one for this. With the help of the rail racers and TT’s pole-up design approach, the handrails can be placed from the ground up, negating the need for any fall protection for the scaffolders.

Replacement Of The Roof Sheet With Edge Protection

If the roof sheet on a 7-meter-high warehouse that has steel panel walls that are screwed needs to be replaced, then edge protection with the commercial bracket will be required. The exposed screws on the sheet walls are removed and then replaced through the bracket that is keeping it in place. This is done so that no further steel penetrations are necessary.

Edge Protection For The Installation Of Solar Panels

If your office building is 12 meters tall and has a clip-lock roof, the surface mounting bracket would be the ideal option for you to utilize in this particular scenario. Klip-Loc cyclone-rated clamps are utilized by installers to create an interface for the bracket. This method provides the best edge protection possible for the installation of solar panels, and it is mounted from the roof utilizing fall safety equipment.

Church Roof Replacement With Parapet Walls And Slate

The only bracket suitable for this kind of work is the parapet clamp. Older churches and cathedrals frequently have walls that don’t exactly satisfy safety standards, but the clamp can secure walls up to 400mm thick and offer an additional 1m of fall protection on the wall.

Edge Protection For Metal Roofing Installation

If you are working on a project that entails placing a metal roof on a factory that is more than 12 meters in height, you will need the commercial bracket. The commercial bracket, in conjunction with the multi-attachment, can be utilized to anchor straight into the steel purlins. There will be no interference with the positioning of the sheets during the installation or removal of this work from the Edge wall protectors.

Worker Fall Protection

If you need to place concrete slabs on the tenth story of a building and you need to protect your workers from falling, edge protection is useful. It is possible to rotate the parapet clamp 90 degrees to secure it to the margins of concrete slabs. Additionally, in place of the lowest third rail, a toe board can be installed as an additional attachment option. Because of this, it is the best solution for safeguarding the margins of slabs. It is possible to secure mesh or netting to the rails to increase the level of safety.

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