Have a Happy Home with These Vastu Tips

Everyone wants to live in a luxurious home filled with happiness, calm, and fond memories. As a result, we follow a number of rituals that are appropriate for our beliefs in order to create an atmosphere that may have a beneficial influence on our homes and lives. Vastu Shastra Tips is an ancient science of architecture that has long been seen to be an efficient approach to achieving a healthy cosmic balance in our lives via architectural specifications and equations.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra is an old Indian science that has been practised for millennia and was devised thousands of years ago by ancient Indian saints and rishis. It lays forth principles for the construction of structures and temples.

Vastu Shastra, an integral part of Indian architecture, has roots in Indian philosophy, maths, geology, geography, and religion, and considers factors such as topography, roads, surrounding structures, Sun’s effects, Earth’s magnetic field, cardinal directions, Earth’s energy fields, and natural elements.

Is Vastu Shastra a Science or Superstition?

Shastra is a reasonable science based on facts and observations. It considers the natural laws, which are guided by a set of principles.

Vastu Shastra was created about 5000 years ago and has changed through time and generations. It is a Science, not a superstition since it is founded on actual reality and has stood the test of time.

Many individuals still employ Vastu consultant online services while planning or reconstructing a home. It is because they are afraid of negative consequences if they do not.

There are persons who take advantage of the ordinary man’s worries and superstitions and demand extravagant amounts by taking advantage of the people’s ignorance and beliefs.

Such Vastu practitioners mindlessly follow Vastu Shastra’s basic thumb guidelines. Oblivious to changing socioeconomic situations, and fail to see that each site is unique due to adjacent buildings, trees, water sources, orientation, terrain, and so on, and should be constructed appropriately.

To really assist people in achieving good energy in their structures. One must have a thorough understanding of Vaastu and the rationale and reasoning behind each concept.

Vastu Tips for Your Home

Consider the following home Vastu suggestions before moving into your new house to promote happiness in your living space. To guarantee that you are correctly done, you might talk to astrologer or contact a Vastu consultant online.

The house’s exterior atmosphere and surroundings may have a considerable influence on the owner’s good fortune.

As a result, it is critical to creating a firm foundation by selecting a place with wide space in a lushly green neighbourhood. As this will foster calm, good health, good luck, and optimism in your life as you settle into your new house. Here are some home Vastu tips!

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the most significant room in any home, and it must radiate a pleasant energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to Vastu, the bedroom door should always open to a maximum of 90%. It is critical for bringing positive energy into the place.

Your head must face south when sleeping since it is the most relaxing and pleasant orientation. Declutter your space and keep just the items you definitely need. In the bedroom, a free and ample flow of light and air is essential once again.

The Prayer/Pooja Room

One of the most essential and auspicious rooms in any home is the Pooja room. A Pooja room, in essence, functions as an engine that propels and circulates different energies throughout the home.

As a result, extra attention must be paid to the design and placement of the Pooja room. The northeast corner of your home, according to Vastu, is the greatest and most auspicious orientation and location for the Pooja room.

It may be put up on the east or west side of the house if the northeast location is not possible. The Pooja room once set up according to Vastu, sends forth harmonious feelings throughout the home, amplifying the good energy.

The Living Room

This is the sole room in the house that acts as a playground for the much energy that enters your home.

This is because all of the visitors and other family members normally congregate in the living room, bringing with them a mix of good and negative emotions.

It is necessary to have only good energy within the home. When visitors come to visit, Vastu dictates that the host should face north or east.

Guests must also sit across from the host. A simple seating arrangement alteration may do this. In addition, all electrical devices must face south, away from the flames. This will guarantee that the greatest and most positive energy enters your home.

The Kitchen

The “South-West” corner is the most Vastu-favoured location for any kitchen. Otherwise, the “North-West” corner will suffice.

All burners and stoves should face south, and drinking water should always be on the northeast side.

Due to the significantly different energies whirling in the kitchen and the bedroom. Try to position the kitchen as far away from the bedroom as feasible.


The core of the system is in its dynamic tactics. Which have been used for centuries to create a well-balanced and ordered equation in the environment to absorb positive and progressive energies. Which may have a significant impact on your health, prosperity, and relationships.

Following the easy Vastu Shastra tips will allow you to realise the many advantages of this old mystic architectural knowledge.

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