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Hatta wadi Trip:

Our Hatta Tours include fun activities such as kayaking and water sports in Hatta Dam, ancient sites and culture, and Hatta Heritage Village with palm-roofed stone houses and Falaj (Omanian irrigation system) and towers. Enjoy Hatta wadi Trip with us.

The Hatta Mountain Defensive Observation Tour also covers other exhibits featuring traditional weapons, furniture and pottery. A thorough visit to Hatta Dam at Hatta Reservoir Visit Point to see the striking green ponds and kayaking experience in Hatta Dam. Hatta is a mountainous city in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates Located on the other side of the Hajar Mountains in northeastern Oman and eastern the United Arab Emirates, Hatta is a unique region located on the border of Oman. That’s the reason behind most so-called Hatta Oman Tour Hatta.

Full of fantastic nature shots & extra respite and a step away from the luxury life of Dubai and in the Emirates as well, Hatta takes. Less than 90 minutes drive from Dubai, 125km southeast, followed by S112 Road, Maliha Road from Dubai, and E-102 towards Hatta. The Oman Hatta Tour is the perfect outing option for a Family weekend close to small attractions.

The town looks like a developed old village. Due to its geographical location at the foot of Mount Hajar, which is more relaxed than the rest. Of the Emirates nearby.

Hatta tour included:

Explore the Hatta Mountains on this half-day Hatta tour from Dubai. Mountain safaris over rocky terrain and across ravines (valleys) surrounded by Al-Hajar Mountains in comfortable air-conditioned four-wheel drive.

The hotel picks up and drops off from Dubai and Sharjah. Including all Hatta Tour deals and a complimentary bottle of mineral water.

Mount Hatta Tour:

Enjoy a mountain safari drive through the Hajar Mountains formed by black sandstone. The Hajar Mountains span 700 kilometres (430 miles) across the Musandam Peninsula to the 145-million-year-old Oman east coast.

Hatta Heritage Village:

Hatta Heritage Village is famous for tourists. This restored ancient village is one of the oldest in the country, 300 BC.

There is also a collection of old photographs. Showcasing traditional life in Hatta and the museum exhibits household tools and weapons. You can visit the Al-Sharia Palm Farm to see a fine example of an ancient Falaj (irrigation system).

Kayaking and water sports in Hatta Dam:

Enjoy kayaking, pedalo and doughnut boat

  • There are both single and double kayaking options.
  • Pedalo Boat Accommodates 3 Adults and 1 Child with Sun Shade.
  • The doughnut boat accommodates four adults and two children.

Hatta Dam:

The lagoon formed by the barricades is beautiful scenery with reddish-brown azure waters reflecting the surrounding mountains. It is also famous as a picnic and kayaking spot.

Hatta Hill Park:

The 63,915 sq km area inhabited by Mt. Hatta Hill Park also has playgrounds, running tracks and other sports fields. A tower at the mountain’s peak where you can climb outstanding observers to Mount Hajar and Hatta village.

Hatta Wadi Trip:

We head for the magnificent Hajjar Mountains in luxury four-wheel-drive vehicles. This tour combines history, culture and adventure. Take a trip into the past with a visit to the Portuguese fort built in the 14th century. We stop in Hatta to visit the wonderfully restored Heritage village, where you can see a display of typical village life.

The town of Hatta, with the majestic mountain backdrop, offers excellent photographic opportunities. We leave Hatta behind and drive through Wadis (ancient dried-up riverbeds).On our return, we stop at the Hatta Fort Hotel for lunch. Then continue back to Dubai, passing the street markets that sell Carpets and locally made pottery.

Departs daily: 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Includes: lunch & soft drinks or mineral water
Duration approx:5 hrs

Hatta Wadi Tour Dubai:

Combining the versatility of the desert and the mountains in one expedition, the Hatta Wadi tour is an incredible experience that you must not miss while you are in Dubai.

Cutting through the vast desert and beautiful dunes of Dubai, we proceed to the Hatta Wadi and view the famous 16th-century Portuguese port, ancient fortress village and several other tourist attractions throughout the trip.

It is an adventurous trip, and the real adventure begins as we start passing through the rail of the Wadis, the riverbeds of the ancient rivers which have dried up now.

There are some freshwater pools also, where you can experience fantastic relaxation and tranquillity. To unwind yourself, you can also choose to dive in the refreshing blue waters of these pools. After that, we continued our trip and visited the incredible attractions while passing through the thrilling valleys of the Hajjar Mountains.

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