Get Inspired By Your Favourite Bollywood Celebrities

TheHave you been crushing on your favourite Bollywood celebrities for years now and can not help but admire them more as the years go on? Cause, same. 

If we talk about entertainment and its industry, nothing makes you more excited than seeing your favourite actresses and actors winning trophies and slaying a stage performance. Most fans do go to the extent where they start collecting posters to paste up their walls here and there. And if you have been one of them, we will not judge you, ever.

It is not uncommon to see people getting inspired by their favourite idols. It happens. However, the admiration is not only related to choosing risky pathways, being able to live out a dream since your birth, and struggling to get a better future. Most people also admire their idols to some extent; fashion and style. Uhm, yes! We are one of those as well. 

Sharara Suits Make A Come Back Yet Again On The Red Carpet!

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Sharara Suits Make A Come Back Yet Again On The Red Carpet!

When one thinks about the media industry, the lightning, camera clicks, red carpet, black Lamborghini, and the gorgeous people walking in equally gorgeous dresses come to mind. And quite literally, the media is about all of that. However, let’s only focus on style and fashion there.


You see a celebrity walking out of a Lamborghini, and the flashes, cameraman, lighting, and the staff goes haywire to get a perfect click. However, much to some people (critiques), the fashion and the dress ‘part’ excites the most. And why would it not? The Bollywood celebrities have art to surprise everyone and leave mouths left ajar whenever they make their way on the red carpet. And here is why we have listed down our favourite Sharara looks adorned by our gorgeous beauties of all time!

Deepila Padukon

Deepila Padukon is one is one the famous Bollywood celebrities among youngsters. Ever since the ‘Chhapaak’ actress reaches skies in her career, she has been serving us the best look of all time. It never hurts to anyone to admit that she has an impeccable fashion sense. And this is why she has been a huge fashion inspiration for all of us. Whether if it’s Deepika Padukon wearing a Saree, jump suite, a beautiful floral summer dress, or a Sharara Suit, she never fails to snap a few necks towards her way.

Kareena Kapoor

The Bebo of the industry and the mother of two princes, Kareena Kapoor Khan, has always been a walking fashion icon on almost every occasion. The way she carries and braces herself and the way she knows she has got ‘all of it’, makes her The Timeless Diva of the industry. She looks almost sinful while walking like a complete goddess on the red carpet. Here are some of our favourite Sharara Looks of a Bollywood celebrity.

Kriti Sanon in Sharara Suit

As the beginning of the fresh air in the start of a new season and at the end of wintry days, Kriti Sanon looks beautiful, glorious, and youthful in this frilled green Sharara Suit. The frills at the bottom and base of the dress are what making this Sharara suit the best seller among the many young girls and beautiful ladies.

Aishwarya Rai Bachan

The former Miss Universe and Miss India, Miss Aishwarya Rai Bachan, the ever-green beauty and the most ethereal being on the planet, has fed up quite well with her dazzling looks and impeccable fashion sense among Bollywood celebrities. It is like we have almost lost count on how many times she has left us completely in awe every time she walked on the carpet, absolutely rocking every outfit.


It is no secret that Miss Aishwarya has been ruling the Bollywood Industry for decades now. She may not appear more often in the films; however, she is still the ‘talk’ of the industry to this date. And one of the reasons is her fashion sense that we can never tire ourselves while talking about it.



Mrs. Bachan looks fine, like wine, in this vibrant red Sharara Dress that can be worn in many wedding events, not just one.

Alia Bhatt

If you wanted to attend a friend’s Sangeet or Barat this season and have been looking for the best Sharara Suit fashion to wear then, Alia Bhatt’s Red Sharara Dress might be your soon-to-be new inspiration now. The dress, hairstyle, and makeup make this look of Alia’s perfect and complete.

However, you can add a bit of a dramatic flavour to the makeup, to make it more suitable according to the even. Along with that, ethnic and statement pieces of jewellery, like a lightweight pendant and a few pairs of bangles can be a great addition to your look.

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