Fun Places To Visit In Lagos – There’s Lot Do More Than Think

Lagos is a beautiful and vibrant city. Popularly known as “Eko”, it is the commercial capital of Nigeria. Lagos is a bustling and vibrant city with an abundance of cultural and historical sites to see. If you have ever been to Nigeria and haven’t been to Lagos yet, you are missing out on a lot. Lagos, Nigeria, is the birthplace of many beautiful and unusual sights that you may not have seen before.

Generally, adventure and tourism are some of the popular things that many of us engage in after working tirelessly for a long time. Because of the greatest locations to visit in Nigeria, many tourists travel here to prolong their vacations. The Gallery of Red Doors, the Lekki Conservation Center, the National Museum of Lagos, Circle Mall, Upbeat Center, Beaches, Festivals, and a variety of other attractions are just a few examples. Aren’t you excited? Narrow down your searches and without any doubt, book virgin atlantic reservations online and save up to 45% off on flight to Lagos. Pack your bags, board on flight and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Center was established in the year 1990 by the Chevron Cooperation for Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Lekki Conservation Center is a 78 (seventy-eight) hectare natural reserve and a conservation and relaxation center, which is an escape from the highlands. Lagos City Buzz and much more is a breath of fresh air.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarawa Beach is located on an island near Lagos Harbour; This place is a sheltered beach that is accessible from the water. Tarkwa Bay Beach is known as a popular spot for swimmers and water-sports professionals or enthusiasts, however, most of the bay beaches in Lagos are generally noted for being noisy and overcrowded, but Tarakawa Bay Beach is quiet and calm. Although it is usually more crowded on weekends, festive seasons, and public holidays.

Ikeja City Mall

If you live in Lagos or you are visiting this great city for an extended period, then Ikeja City Hall is the place you should definitely visit. It is a shopping center consisting of a hundred stores. Ikeja City Mall also has various recreational centers for children to play and have fun; You can also take your kids on holiday to have fun.

Freedom Park, Lagos

This park at Lagos Island is a leisure and memorial park. Her Majesty’s Broad Street Jail used to be located in the park. It was built with the intention of preserving the Nigerian people’s cultural heritage and history. The park’s monument also tells the truth about Lagos’ colonial origins and His Majesty. National monuments, cultural attractions, recreation centers, historical sites, and the arts are all part of the park.

National Theatre

The tower, a cultural monument, and architectural marvel is one of Nigeria’s greatest properties that has withstood the test of time. Tourists can learn more about the history and the arts while having fun in the National Theater’s tranquil and lush green surroundings.

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The New Afrika Shrine

Are you afraid to visit or visit the new temple of Africa? Fear not as this place is not a temple for idol worship, this place is also called or known as Fela Tirtha. General Yakub Gowan’s military administration built the facility in 1976, and General Olusegun Obasanjo finished it later. National Theater is a one-of-a-kind home for old art while also advancing by bringing in fresh current artists. You’ll like how this area appeals to both external and interior design.

Club Ouilox

We made your night here in Lagos, clubbers. Because the equinox will fully cover you, wear your party shoes. Every Friday night, this is the finest spot to be; it attracts socialites and celebrities. Many visitors have characterized the equinox as addicting, and you will never get bored at this club, whether you are alone or with your companions.

Elegushi Beach

Elegushi Beach is located at Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ikate, Lagos State, Nigeria. This beach is a privately owned beach by the Alegussi Royal family; The beach is currently headed by His Excellency Alayluva Martyr Ademola Alegushi. This beach is the most popular known beach in the state of Lagos full of fun and it is also a perfect place for parties, picnics, social gatherings, and much more that you think you want to do.


It is known as a big city, rowdy, and one of the most interesting cities in Nigeria. Are you looking for the top 10 places to visit in Lagos city? There you have it up there. Lagos is filled with lots of fun and places to see which are fascinating and mouth-watering and I am sure you cannot miss it. So, plan your Lagos vacay with AirlinesMap and customized you travel package accordingly. And get ready to experience an exotic vacation!

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