Expert’s opinion on causes of slab leaks and how they can be repaired.

Pipes are the very foundation for any house. It is a network of pipes that handles the waste drainage and water supply for the home. A leak in the pipe can quietly become a nightmare for any owner because they are costly to diagnose and repair. If you spot a misty spot on the floor, or weak pressure in the shower, or a sudden increase in the water bill, try to figure out if you have a slab leak. A leak located deep inside the concrete if not repaired speedily can cause significant damage to the property.  

Here are some causes which can lead to a severe slab leak. 

  1. Inappropriate Construction

High-quality pipes and professional expertise are a must for the installation of pipe networks during construction. A small bent or dent or kink can be vital for leakage. In case of high water pressure, a severe burst can also occur. 

Using iron and copper pipes also leads to slab leaks as they are more prone to corrosion and rusting. As an alternative, PVC, CPVC and PEX pipes are better preferable because of durability and sustainability. 

     2. Expansion and contraction of soil:  

Change in the ground condition is beyond our control, but a transition from dry to wet can cause a critical situation of a slab leak. Soil shifts beneath the floor generate heavy pressure on pipes. There can be various reasons for this kind of transition, i.e., earthquake, Underground Steam, soil erosion or clay and sandy soil, etc. Mostly these leaks are large and damaging. A leak when not repaired on time can lead to a further shift in soil.  

    3. Abrasion:

It is an unavoidable cause of the Slab leak. No matter how hard someone tries to control or avoid Abrasion but it happens. Abrasion is a process where pipes rub against the concrete, another pipe or soil, etc. It leads to leaks in the pipe over the time of its usage. Pipes with hot water are the most obvious ones which get damaged repeatedly as they expand after heating. 

    4. Time

Nothing lasts forever, nor do pipes. Houses that have pipes’ of iron and copper are vulnerable to risks. They get corrosion and rust with time because of the humidity and exposure to water. They lose strength over time and extended periods of stress and pressure on pipes cause a slab leak.

    5. Chemistry 

The quality of water fluctuates frequently. Sometimes water appears to be more acidic and alkaline. When it reacts with acid present in concrete and soil, it leads to the surge of chain reaction and grows damage in plumbing lines. 

It is ordinarily found in old homes. It is best to check the lines at regular intervals. Otherwise, this can ruin the complete pipe network. 

Warning signs to consider for Slab Leak 

  1. First, analyze if your water bill spiked up instantly.
  2. You are experiencing a continuous situation of weak water pressure.
  3. Your water storage tank is exhausting sooner than before. 
  4. Wet spots near the corners, floors, or carpet.
  5. Cracks in the floor. Gaps appear between walls and floor.
  6. Musty odor all over the area. 
  7. Water often occurs on the floor even when taps are closed. 
  8. Humidity in some sections due to warm spots above the waterline.

Methods to opt to prevent Slab Leak

1. Use low water pressure

Many of us love to use high water pressure for various works. But using high pressure for a lengthier period can be a big reason for weakening the pipe. It is always advisable to use optimum water pressure. It will not only prevent slab leaks but rupturing of the pipeline as well. 

2. Take steps when water quality changes:

Hard and acidic water can be a leading reason for the destruction of a pipe’s life. Whenever you notice more alkaline water than typical, then try to install a water softener in your home. It will prevent harm because of harsh and acidic water.

3. Never use chemicals for drains cleanings

Many households use harsh chemicals to clean their blocked drainage pipes. It may seem to be an effective method for the time being, but these chemicals eat you savage like anything. It is always better to call a plumber for this. The hydro jetting machine is an excellent alternative for cleaning because it causes no damage to pipes’ health. 

4. Regular maintenance and early action

Performing regular checks on the water and sewage system is the best thing anyone can do to avoid slab leaks. Leaks repaired at the start point can save many bucks for the savings. It will help in reviving and replacing disrupted taps and water pressure. Through these people can also control their water bills.

Methods for Fixing Slab Leak

If you find any of the above warning signs of a slab leak, the first thing you need to do is take an expert’s opinion and examine the slab leak situation. Once you know the exact location and cause of the then you can opt for any of the following methods.

  1. Trenchless Repair
  2. Repiping the entire plumbing system
  3. Cast in place piping. 
  4. Pipe coating 
  5. Rerouting the pipe network 

A slab leak expert would be the right person to explain and suggest the best one to choose as per the requirements and needs of the situation. When it is about the slab leak, always try to rely on trusted and proven, experienced people. A wrong slab leak repair can exacerbate the leak, which can be unrepairable in some situations. 

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