Essential tips and products for Bathing Babies

Welcoming a baby into life is endless happiness for young parents. The first few months are wonderful times because you are about to discover a lot of new emotions and activities. But mothers are often confused because they do not know how to bathe their babies. Don’t worry, bathing your baby has a fairly simple process if you take the time to get used to the 9 steps below.

Baby bath essentials

You need to have some tools to assist in bathing your baby. Here is a list of tools to help you bathe your baby easily:

  • Baby bath/bathtub
  • Soft cotton towels
  • Baby Shower Gel
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Plastic glass
  • Clean diapers and clothes

If necessary, add a few drops of bath oil to help your baby relax more during the bath. There are currently many promotions, discount codes, and attractive coupons for the above products that will help you save more when buying.

When you have all the tools ready, let’s find out how to bathe your baby:

9 Steps to Bathing Your Newborn Safely

At first, bathing your baby is a real challenge. However, after a few weeks, bathing your baby is as simple as changing diapers every day.

We said above but it still needs to be repeated again that until the baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you should expose the navel to soap. The steps to bathe your baby below are after the baby has completely shed the umbilical cord.

Here are 9 simple baby bath steps:

Get Your Bath Supplies Ready

The first thing is to prepare enough tools to bathe your baby easily. Choose a table to display them in a convenient way within your reach. Please note that the bathing area for your baby needs to be flat and safe.

Pouring Water In The Pot

The second step is to fill the pot with about 8 cm. The temperature of the water needs to be equal to the human body temperature (about 37 degrees). If it’s too difficult to watch, it’s fine in the range of 32 to 37.7 degrees Celsius. You should use an underwater thermometer to be sure of this temperature.

Gently Put Baby In The Bathtub

Use one hand to support the back of the head, the other hand to support the baby’s bottom, gently place the ticket into the pot. Don’t get your baby’s head wet at first, let her feet touch the water first.

Tip: You should put a soft towel on the bottom of the tub, it will make your baby more comfortable and it will also prevent your baby from slipping in the basin.

Watch Your Baby Carefully

Always pay attention to your baby while you bathe him. There are many children who have a tendency to love water, so they will be quite active when exposed to the bathtub. However, many children, on the contrary, need time to get used to the water.

No matter what type your baby is, you should always keep an eye on your child. If your baby shows a lot of interest in water, let them enjoy it for a while, and if they are afraid of water, give them a quick bath.

Bath And Wash Baby Carefully

As you know, babies have extremely delicate and easily irritated skin. That’s why you should be careful when bathing and washing your baby. You should use a super soft towel to wash your baby’s hair or use your hands but be very gentle. If you’re using your hands, be sure to remove any rings, bracelets, or watches you’re wearing.

After soaping, use a plastic cup to bathe your baby again. Fill the glass with water and slowly rinse the baby. Be careful not to get soap in your baby’s eyes or nose.

Start with the Face and Head Area

When you’re bathing a newborn, it’s better to start with the baby’s head and face because you want to clean this part before the water gets too soapy. Again, you can use your hands or a super soft cotton towel to bathe your baby.

Bathing Hands, Feet, and Body

Once you wash your face and head, the rest is pretty easy. These areas are easier to bathe than sensitive areas like the head or face. In the same way, you just need to do it very gently and observe the baby closely.

Don’t Bathe Anywhere

Children have so many groins that you can forget about bathing them. Take a special bath in the following areas: neck, elbows, groin on the legs, etc. And don’t forget to clean behind your baby’s ears as well as the space between the fingers.

Bathing your baby in the diaper area is especially important. But you should do this in the end. Because then bacteria from the lower area will not affect other areas of the baby, minimizing the possibility of heat rash or other skin problems.

Wipe Baby Gently

After you’re done bathing your baby, you can place him in a soft, clean towel. Use a soft towel to dry your baby, doing so in order from top to bottom. Your baby will feel a little cold when he comes out of the bath, so dry him quickly.

Finally, to be really safe, apply lotion, apply diaper rash cream, put diapers on your baby, and finally get dressed. Your baby is now completely clean and safe in your arms.


Now that you know how to bathe your baby, you’ll be less worried about concerns for your baby. Remember 9 ways to bathe your baby to be able to do it perfectly. And also don’t forget to use discount codes, attractive coupons on Black Friday for baby products to buy more economical.

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