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EPF Passbook

EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) is a government programme that allows all employees to contribute to a retirement fund. The scheme was first introduced by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in 1952, and it has since been a mandatory contribution fund. Employees and employers both contribute to the EPF Account with 12% of their monthly dearness allowance and basic income. An EPF Passbook, after making UAN login, can show you the specifics of your contributions. Furthermore, under certain circumstances, the employee can use this fund upon retirement or in an emergency. Making monthly contributions to the EPF serves as a reward for employees’ hard work and dedication by accumulating a corpus for their retirement. 

The EPF Passbook, on the other hand, is a record that reveals the details of the contributions made by both the employee and the employer during the employee’s employment. However, there are a few things to take in mind before downloading or reading the EPF passbook. The following are some of these points:

1. Only EPF members who have completed their UAN registration on the EPFO portal can view or download the EPF passbook.

2. Members will be able to access the passbook after 6 hours of activation/registration on the EPFO portal.

3. Inactive, settled, and exempted established members, on the other hand, do not have online access to the passbook.

Steps to Download EPF Passbook

A member’s UAN number is required in order to download their EPF passbook. To download the EPF passbook, the member must enter in with their UAN and password to the EPFO portal. Furthermore, only Employees’ Provident Fund members have access to download and print their EPF passbook, and they can do so from the comfort of their own homes. They need to do nothing more than follow these basic instructions:

  • Using your smartphone, laptop, or computer, go to the EPFO website.
  • Visit the ‘Member Passbook’ page for further details.
  • Enter your EPF member portal credentials, as well as your UAN login and password.
  • After carefully inputting your credentials, click the ‘Login’ button.
  • The Member IDs for all EPF accounts linked to your UAN will appear on the next screen.
  • Under the option ‘Select Member ID to see Passbook,’ click on the ‘EPF Member ID.’
  • In a new tab, your EPF passbook will be shown in PDF format.

Contents of an EPF Passbook

The EPF passbook is only accessible to EPFO members. Members who download the passbook gain access to a wealth of information. The following are the contents of an EPF Passbook:

Name of the employer and the number of the establishment

  • Employee Name and Member ID
  • EPFO Type and Name
  • EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) contributions in detail
  • Monthly contributions to the EPS (Employees’ Pension Scheme) are examined in detail.
  • The money saved in the EPF earns interest.
  • Both the company and the employee make deposits and withdrawals on a monthly basis.
  • Date and time of the passbook’s printing
  • It’s worth noting that if an individual has only had one EPF account during his or her employment, he or she will only have one EPFO passbook. Employees with several EPF accounts will have multiple EPF passbooks. Employees, on the other hand, should keep a single EPF account throughout their careers, regardless of where they work.

Keep in mind that EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) changes the employee’s EPF Passbook whenever a contribution or withdrawal is made to the member’s EPF account. It’s worth noting, though, that the EPFO passbook doesn’t contain the donation date; instead, it lists the month and year. As a result, if your EPFO passbook hasn’t been changed in a few days, you should double-check to see if your contribution has been updated. For members, the EPFO web interface makes browsing, downloading, and printing EPF passbooks straightforward and painless. It is essential for the members to make an enrollment to use the passbook facility. Members must first enrol in the unified member portal in order to access the EPF
O passbook, after which they can UAN login to the portal using their UAN and password. Members can access the passbook after 6 hours, even if they haven’t enrolled. The EPFO passbook includes information such as the date of establishment, employer ID, employee name, EPFO name and type, and the date and time of downloading/printing the passbook.


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