Dos and Don’ts of Kitchen Remodels – J&K Cabinetry

If you are living in an old house, at some point you probably want to replace the kitchen. A kitchen remodel is essential after a short period. you may have already planned or in the process of planning. At whatever stage you are, there are always some pieces of information that you need to know about. With the right steps, you can end up having an ideal kitchen remodel. Today we are here with some golden points. Well, follow them to have the most functional kitchen. 

The dos of kitchen remodel( J&k cabinetry)

If you are in the process of redoing your kitchen, of course, you have an idea about the complexity of the process. This is a tough decision. From cabinets to countertops, there is a need to know a lot. For instance, you have to figure out the design, style, layout, and all in between. For this reason, we are here with a brief list. Follow these steps to have the best kitchen remodel.

  • Avoid wasted steps 

Keep in mind, wasted steps will affect the kitchen look. Think wisely about the place where you place and use the kitchen items most. For instance, keep the break bowl ingredients near the breakfast table. Moreover, keep the papers, wraps, and containers in one cabinet. Make sure it is also near the work surface. Furthermore, locate the dishware near the dishwasher. So, it will ease the unloading process. 

  • Make sure the walkways are wide

Make sure that the walkways are wide. For instance, make it almost 36 inches wide. Well, for the cooking areas make the space as wide as 42 inches wide. This is, mainly for one-cook kitchens. However, for two or more, make the space as wide as 48 inches. Also, consider the kitchen island in mind. Indeed, this is mainly to make the kitchen most functional. 

  • Keep corners in mind 

For making forevermark cabinetry most functional in the kitchen plan space appropriately. a properly maintained space will not only make the doors functional but also make the kitchen elegant. For this reason, keep the kitchen appliances away from the corners. Moreover, make sure that cabinet doors won’t bang into each other. Because if they are hit many times, there are many chances of severe damage. 

  • Consider the countertops

People who work for long hours need more counter space. However, this is mainly required between the sink and stove. So, two people can work easily at the same time. Moreover, with enough space, you can quickly cook two or more meals at once. Furthermore, if you incorporate the two countertops on the same height, it will make the whole baking process easy. So, again this is an important thing to consider.  

  • Maximize electricity supply 

For maximum electricity, try to install multiple outlets for plugs. Well, you can do it along with the backsplash and islands. Now you can have electricity whenever you need it.

  • Use neutral tones for J&k cabinetry 

Keep in mind, dark kitchen cabinets are for the places that have extra lights. If you are having a small kitchen make sure to use light cabinet colors. Less light in a small kitchen will make the space less inviting. To make the kitchen most inviting, you can use subtle tones. Indeed with light colors the kitchen always seems to be more welcoming. So, try this. It’s worth experiencing. 

J&K Cabinetry

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The don’ts of kitchen remodel

  • Don’t place the fridge near to the wall 

it is a huge mistake, and you regret it. to avoid this left about 4 inches of space between the fridge and the wall, and don’t forget to account for the floor tri. that would be installed later, as well as the fridge door, which curves out and makes it impossible to open completely. If you must place your fridge against a wall, make sure there is plenty of space between them.

  • Don’t place oven near other electrical appliances 

You don’t want the oven to be pushed up against walls or another electronic device. To ensure proper workspace on both sides of the oven, it is recommended to install at least one lower cabinet on each side.

  • Don’t use a stainless steel sink 

Okay, this is a personal choice, but despise stainless steel sinks! are not a good choice! The only time it appears clean is after you wipe it down. It is constantly showing water spots, and if you have hard water, best of luck removing those stained water spots. instead, buy a black sink. because it looks more adorable than any other choice. 


Perhaps, these are easy-to-understand points. With j&k cabinetry in the kitchen, you can follow all these dos and don’ts. Keep in mind, kitchen remodel takes a lot of energy and cost. It is a huge investment. Therefore be very much vigilant about these. Keep your kitchen neat and clean. Always follow easy-to-go steps. Indeed, they will help you a lot in making the kitchen more functional as well as elegant.