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Different Home Decors With Stunning Wood Veneer Wall Coverings

Wood wall paneling brings warmth to a room. It can cover the entire wall or occupy only a portion of it. It can also be painted.

From simple wood grain to intricate inlaid geometric patterns, this wallcovering brings visual warmth to any space. It’s an excellent choice for living rooms, studies, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Just avoid installing it in areas with high humidity.


Wood wallcovering brings nature indoors, and it’s natural colors and textures can add visual warmth to any space. However, if the idea of rustic reclaimed wood accent walls doesn’t fit with your design aesthetic or budget, wood veneer wallcoverings are an attractive and eco-friendly alternative.

Made of micro-thin slices of natural wood attached to a paper backing, wood veneers wallcoverings allow more light than architectural wood paneling. They can be installed like any other wallpaper or wallcovering. While many patterns are simple grain designs, others, such as the inlaid geometric pattern featured in this media room, can bridge traditional and modern styles.

Real wood veneer wallcoverings or wood veneer sheets are also flexible, making them a good choice for curved niche walls or radius corners. For example, WonderWood and BildenWood wallcoverings are made of components sliced from beams of sustainable tree species and can be specified with FSC certification. They also offer high levels of recycled content and low-VOC adhesives for commercial applications.


Few materials exude visual warmth, like natural wood. But if a rustic reclaimed-wood feature wall doesn’t quite jibe with your contemporary or modern style, consider a wood veneer wallcovering available in various wood species, colors, and cuts. This type of wallcovering features micro-thin slices of natural wood attached to a paper backing.

These wallcoverings are easy to install and can be used in many rooms, including living rooms, studies, dining rooms, and bedrooms. However, they shouldn’t be installed in bathrooms because they can discolor or warp if exposed to excessive moisture.


Wood veneer wall coverings add a sense of warmth and sophistication to homes. They are also durable and easy to clean. This makes them great for kitchen cabinetry, baseboards, wainscoting, and more. You can choose from various colors and finishes to create a customized look. These are cost-effective options compared to traditional paint and wallpaper.

This flexible material can be bent around a curve, even an outside corner. It’s a perfect choice for spaces that need to be remodeled in the future or for homeowners who want a more modern look. It can even be used to make accent furniture or custom wood panels.

It’s best to avoid installing this material in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms. However, it can be used in living rooms, studies, and dining rooms. Also, it can be used in powder rooms, but you should avoid using it in full bathrooms because it can discolor over time.


Wood veneer is an excellent option for those looking to give their home a unique look without the extra cost of painting. It is made of renewable material and can be recycled, so it’s also an eco-friendly choice.

Wood wall coverings can be made in various colors to match the room’s ambiance. Some choose to keep the natural color of the wood, while others opt for treatments that add a touch of contrast. They can be a good solution for classic rooms, where they create a refined and original environment.



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