Why You Should Create a Netflix Account Right Now?

If you’re a sucker for old-fashioned entertainment, you need to make a Netflix account right this second. It’s one of the biggest and entertaining streaming services in the world and you don’t want to miss out on it.

After all, who doesn’t love a good binging session? If you don’t have a Netflix account, this article is all you need to convince you to make one right now!

Though cable TV providers offer a wide array of entertainment, Netflix offers some features that you might not get elsewhere.  

  • Find Original Content

Netflix doesn’t shy away from producing its own content. From creating binge-worthy series to incredibly rich documentaries and movies, Netflix is your go-to place for original and fun content.

It makes sure to fill in the gaps left by other streaming services by creating content in almost every genre. Horror movies? Check. Sci-fi series? Check. Ground-breaking documentaries? Check. And this isn’t it. 

You will find that Netflix invests heavily in every piece it produces and never compromises on the quality or the variety. So if you need another Stranger Things binge-watching session, you know where to go now!

  • Zero Ads on Netflix

Most companies thrive on placing ads on platforms to make the most of the opportunity of hosting millions of subscribers but not Netflix.

No one likes sitting through a 30-second ad when they’re right in the middle of catching the killer in an action-thriller, be it on YouTube or any other platform.

While Netflix does highlight product placement in the content it creates, like in the last season of Stranger Things, but it does not ruin your binging session with unnecessary and unavoidable ads!

  • Watch Simultaneously On Multiple Devices

You’ve definitely heard about people sharing Netflix accounts. It allows 5 different profiles on a single account which means more fun for everyone! Netflix offers its users 3 different plans to choose from.

The Basic plan allows only one device to stream at a time, while Standard and Premium account allow you to stream on multiple devices simultaneously. So you can have your own profile with your own list and recommendations on someone else’s Netflix account too!

  • Keeps You Entertained At Home

COVID-19 has changed everything. A global lockdown has forced everyone to stay at home and adapt to the new normal. Finding entertainment and the simple pleasures of joy in your 4-wall space is difficult —Enter Netflix.

It’s impossible to spend so much time at home without fun. A good streaming service like Netflix can become your companion in such difficult times. Kill boredom by binging all-time favorites and new content on a daily!

  • Find Global Content

Netflix brings more than just movies and shows to the table. It boasts a widely extensive library that includes niches and fringe content for all ages!

From original series and movies to blockbusters and all-time classics, from documentaries and choose-your-own-adventure content to comedy specials, you will find Netflix has something for everyone! And it doesn’t only stick to the typical Hollywood formula.

It enables creators outside the Hollywood frame to showcase their content on the platform, funds them, and gives lesser-known creators a voice and access to create content on a global scale. 

You will find several films, documentaries, and movies from unique voices taking over the platform! Money Heist and Dark are the two most popular International Netflix originals that aren’t in English. 

To wrap it up

Now that you know why a Netflix subscription is a must-have, go ahead and sign up for a Netflix account and a plan of your choice – it’s super affordable!

Its Basic plan costs around $9 per month while the Standard and Premium accounts are for $14 and $18 a month, respectively. Finding original, ad-free, and binge-worthy HD content at that price? It’s a steal deal and surely a hard one to resist.


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