CA Final Exams May 2022: Strategy to Revise the Full Course

CA Final Exams May 2022_ Strategy to Revise the Full Course

CA Final exams are conducted twice a year. ICAI conducts the papers in May month and November month. This year, the CA Final exams of May 2022 will be conducted from the 14th of May 2022. 

As per the ICAI notice, the CA Final Exam Dates for the exam session of May 2022 are 14th, 17th, 19th & 21st May 2022 for Group-I papers and 23rd, 25th, 27th & 29th May 2022 for the group 2 papers.

Since the exam is approaching very close, the students need to be vigilant and focus on revisions. In the CA Final preparation, revisions will play a significant role in the exams and help you retain all the knowledge that you have studied so far. 

So, in this article, we’ll tell you the strategy to revise the complete syllabus for the CA Final exams of May 2022. 

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Strategy to Revise the Full Course for the CA Final Exams of May 2022

In the below section, we have mentioned a few effective and efficient CA Final revision tips for all the CA Final papers. 

Prepare Short CA Final Revision Notes for the Exams

The syllabus for the CA Final exams is vast, and you cannot rely upon the study materials every time for revisions. Every time you sit to revise for the papers, going through the books and study materials can consume a lot of your time.

This is why you must prepare your CA Final revision notes that are short and cover the entire syllabus. This will greatly help in minimizing your revision time for the CA Final papers. If still some students think that preparing quick notes is wasting their time, they can refer to the revision notes of coaching institutes.

Revise From RTPs and MTPs

CA Final mock test papers and revision test papers are the masters of all the revision tips. When you revise the chapters, it is hard to know what is your true running potential and whether you know all topics or not.

But through RTP and MTP, you can calculate the number of problems you can solve and those you fail. In this way, you get to know which topics need more revisions for the main CA final exams.

Moreover, solving the latest ICAI mock test papers will also help you in knowing the CA Final exam pattern. Consequently, you can mould your CA Final revision strategy accordingly. 

Be Updated with the Amendments

As we all know that amendments are important for the CA Final exams. So, while revising the chapters and reading the amendments, make sure you are on the last amendment page. If there are any latest amendments, then note them down in your revision notes and consider them for subjects such as Law, DT, and IDT.

Must Cover AS, IND AS, and SA

During your CA Final preparation or revisions, always cover those topics first that are scoring such as AS, IND, AS, and SA from Accounting and Auditing. Moreover, while writing these topics, never write the wrong number. 

Revise Scoring Part First

Although students must cover all the topics and the subjects before the exams still, it is suggested that they can start from the scoring topics. This increases the chance of the students to score high in the CA Final Exams and also builds confidence.

So, make the list of scoring topics as per the ICAI pattern or ask your teacher for the scoring chapters, make a good grip on them, and move towards the other chapters.

Watch the Revision Videos

In the last one month of the CA Final exams, you don’t have much time to learn or re-learn the topics. So, if you get stuck in any topics while revising, it is better to see the revision videos instead of going through the entire concept again. You won’t take much time to revise the whole concept through a revision video as you need to listen and understand.

Work on Writing Skills

Writing Skills is a major part of the CA exams, so the students must practice well to write good answers. The students must give as many mock tests as possible. This way, they will learn to write the answers in the mock test and present them in a better way. Also, the students should show the answer to their teachers or guides to get comments on their writing skills, and presentation skills.

Manage your Time

Time management is a skill to master the exam. The lengthy question paper of the CA Final exams is not so convenient for the students to cover all of them. But if they have good practice and command, they can solve the entire question paper in the given period. The best way to learn Time management for CA Final exam is through Mock Test papers. Hence, the mock tests and get a good grip over the Time managing skill.

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Therefore, we discussed some essential tips to revise the CA Final syllabus. By the last month of the CA Final exams, the students must have completed the syllabus and focus only on revisions and solving mock test papers. Moreover, you need to have a clear vision of the frequency of revisions needed, chapters to revise, and materials from where to revise. It will be beneficial if you prepare your own revision notes during the CA final preparation. 

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