Achromatic Palette, Or How To Get The Black Paint Color

How To Get The Black Paint Color

The perception of color is very individual and depends on how the human eye perceives the beam reflected from different surfaces. Some surfaces do not reflect rays and absorb them. To be absorbed by someone seen by black paint color. That is why black is called “dead” colors or “lack of color.”

Therefore, the answer to the question of how to obtain black paint color would be as follows: true black cannot be obtained by mixing any other color of the spectrum. However, you can create very dark shades, which in contrast to the other create a sense of black. To know what color to mix with to get the black color, it is necessary to turn to the theory of cool drawing art and the psychology of color.


Two-color synthesis models are gaining new colors and shades.

Additive – Model color reception based on the addition and superposition of rays reflected from the surface of the object. This model is used in monitors and screens, the main RGB color range. Additive color synthesis using three main lights at its core: red, green, and blue. By applying and mixing the rays are formed in all other colors, except black. In this model, the black color is considered a complete lack of reflection.

Subtractive – a model based on a mixture of natural colors and dyes. It is considered to be a lack of white color. And black is prepared by mixing all the primary colors. So what color to mix with to get the color black? The subtractive main pattern (or core) is magenta hues, cyan, and yellow.


Compared to additive synthesis subtractive color model produces less shade. Furthermore, a theoretical or mathematical subtractive synthesis model is fundamentally different from that acquired in practice. For example, theoretically, under stirring three primary colors should turn black. In practice, however, this color goes too dark brown.

Subtractive techniques are used in printing and 3d drawing graphic arts, where it is essential to achieve true black. To get it in three primary colors add a “key”. It is therefore given the name of the main set of subtractive models – CMYK, where C – cyan (cyan, in Russian his language, is called blue or greenish-blue), M – magenta (a shade of purple), Y – yellow (Yellow), and K – color button (key color). In this range, the key is a natural black. Wondering how to get black color from the chromatic colors of the spectrum, typesetters understand that none of the resulting shades will be replaced by natural black.


According to the art theory of Yohannes Ittena, there are three primary colors, when mixed that obtains all the other colors of the spectrum. Itten allocates red, yellow, and blue as the core. Subsequent theories determined that the ideal primary colors were purple (magenta), blue (cyan), and yellow. They are called primary – colors that reflect a wider range and which can not be obtained in a combination of other colors.

Red and blue are not primary. They absorb lighter than reflect, but despite this, they are still often referred to as primary colors and used to create the rest of the color wheel.

Note: White and black are not included in the spectrum and the color wheel is called achromatic. The way to get the black paint color with the line drawing, always different and depends on a variety of currently existing theories.


According to an early theory pure colors are red, blue, yellow, and green. It is believed that they can not get by mixing other colors. Later, with the development of technology, it was found that the three main colors that could not be obtained – were magenta, cyan, and yellow.

The modern color theory distinguishes three primaries, three secondary chromatic and one achromatic – black. That is, what color to mix with to get a black color, different. Comparison runs everything from mixing primary colors to mixing red, blue, and yellow or red and green.

Secondary colors – it’s green, blue and red. Green is obtained by mixing yellow with greenish-blue. Purple and blue give the Blue. A mixture of magenta and yellow, you can get a red color.

The theoretical question of how to get black paint color is achieved by mixing three primary colors with their ideal colors. It’s cyan, magenta and yellow. However, almost getting the perfect black by combining other chromatic colors is impossible. Printing and painting using natural black colors.


Black – this is the absence of color. The more rays of light are absorbed by the surface of the object, so it appears dark. In nature, there is completely black, but most carbon black Vantablack close to one hundred percent light absorption, it reflects all the rays of 0.035%.

Basic natural pigments, which are made of black ink are carbon. Between them, the principal graphite and copy black. Artists at the dawn of painting thought about what color should be mixed to give a black color and came to the conclusion that mixing black colors is not achieved. It is the darkest shade of matt, available in the Renaissance.

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