Aspects of Being Student & Reasons Student Needs to do Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs

Usually, we realize the importance of this phase when we suffer from this period. And when we enter adulthood and this awesome life is left behind it is just become a dream to go back to it. Earlier there were a lot of challenges for students but these days tools like institute ERP are proving themselves very helpful in student life because tools like institute ERP make the learning process easier than before Student life teaches us a lot of things that become beneficial in the future of the student and benefits him/her in his/her personal life also. Students can understand this feeling that studying in school can be so much fun with the collective efforts of teachers, parents, and along with their bunch of mates i.e classfellows. Summer jobs is much need of students.

Friends Circle in Study Period

In student life, a student makes friends of different gender and culture and gets to know about these things also and develop emotional respect for such things. Also, in student life a student discovers new things daily and finds out many new things which enhances the knowledge and information level of the student. In this age students explore the world, understands the behavior and characteristics of individuals. Having the theory about life in books students start to explore the real world and understand the practicality of life that they must need to understand and be prepared for it.

Doesn’t matter if it is parents, tutors, peers or sometimes strangers also; a student can learn from anyone. Students are often tasked with various types of projects or assignments. Such projects are given to the students on a regular basis due to which students learn how to work as a team and this lesson proves to be very effective in their professional life further.

It is the student life which makes you meet the real you, where you can understand what you are and what you would like to be in future. When a person passes out of school time and learns the things to assist in his/her professional lives and work as a professional then we remember that what we are doing right now is the result of a strong foundation based in student life with the help of knowledge and information. For example, in school life if a student is unaware of the term LMS then he/she can search for learning management system through various tools and will find out details about it and this experience makes the student a researcher in professional life also.

Education Compeletion

In earlier days students used to focus on just somehow completing their education whereas today’s kids are very ambitious. They want to help their parents in their earnings and to contribute to the livelihood of their family and home along with their studies. The good thing is today more resources are available in comparison to earlier days for earning. Miraculously today even a student who is in 7th or 8th standard can earn easily there is so much to do. Students these days are not sitting and watching movies during their summer vacation, instead they are doing summer jobs in order to earn some money for various reasons but the good thing is that in their tender age they are ready to understand the value of earning and hard work.

When students start applying for summer jobs then it is not necessary that they get a job at their first trial so by trying again and again and by facing multiple interviews they get better at interviewing. And getting better in interview skills is something which helps a person ‘s whole life career wise. This expertise in interviewing helps in getting a college and also helps to get a full-time proper job in future. Being fresher students are not able to handle rejections therefore, this practice of applying for jobs and getting rejected sometimes helps students to learn from it and make improvements instead of sitting alone and mourning for rejection.

Summer Jobs During Education

Getting a job in student life is very special because from dependent, immature and fresher a student turns into self-dependent, mature and experienced. Student learns many more good things like developing a new skill or interest, learns how and why to save money and learns that it doesn’t matter if it is his/her academic life or summer job, if he/she wants to achieve something then commitment is needed. Having a summer job drags students out of their comfort zone and compels them to perform hard work and put their all efforts to achieve their goals.

It is so because it is not easy to leave the dependent life where mom does laundry, father earns money maid does cleaning and the student enjoys the life with all resources in free, whereas in summer job the same students have to do 4-5 hours of job where he or she has to do everything by himself/herself and has to work for earning money too.

Summer Jobs

When a student opts for a summer jobs then he or she learns many new skills there which he or she was unaware of till now such as public dealing. Talking to people and coaxing them to buy products or services is not an easy task. So, being in such a job a student learns communication skills which can grab anything from people when it is needed. On the basis of achieving so many of the above enumerated skills, the self-confidence generated in the student helps the student to survive well in school, where students have to face tough learning situations, robust tutors and bullies. The experience of a summer job also helps the students to qualify tests and interview for college ahead and most importantly when students apply for jobs in future, they get good jobs due to good experience.

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