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Artificial Fruits Flavors of Anxiety Relief Gummies

People use anxiety relief gummies to cope with anxiety more than any other way of relieving stress. Among all the different types, 15 trendy flavors are reviewed.

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The first flavor listed here is Lucky Charms. This has been around since 1976, and it was meant as dessert food instead of anxiety relief medication. It is sugary flavored but not bad in taste or health effects. There are several kinds of flavors available in the market, but the most common ones are:

1) Sour Cherry:

A sour cherry flavor that hits hard when you suck on one Gummy. The sourness will follow up with a bit of sweetness from the gummy to make it taste even better! You can find this flavor in packs of 24 or packs of 144.

2) Apple:

Very fruity in taste and quite refreshing too. This has been a top favorite for many people who have tried these candy treats. People love this one for their anxiety because the sweet and sour taste relaxes them a great deal. A tangy, sour apple flavor that is not too disappointing because there is a hint of sweetness at the end.

3) Strawberry:

A classic strawberry-flavored candy treats. This brings back so many memories from when we were kids! Anytime we go past the sweets section in any store or market, we pick up one pack of these to munch on. In this type of anxiety relief gummies, we can taste the strawberry flavor, and for this reason, it is among the top favorites.

4) Blackcurrant:

We love blackcurrant juice and incidentally also love blackcurrant flavored candy treats like this one! The best part about tasting something like this is that we don’t need to worry about the extra calories that we would ingest if we were to eat blackcurrant itself.

5) Cherry:

What can be better than a sweet candy treats flavored like cherries? Anyone with an anxiety problem is always emaciated, and this type of anxiety relief gummies with natural ingredients is just what we need! The nourish taste is great for sour candy lovers too.

6) Grape:

The grape flavor is also an excellent choice. The essence of grapes makes us happy, and this tasty candy treat always manages to help us leave our worries behind! Since it has all-natural ingredients, this is one of the best anxiety relief gummies on the market.

7) Green Apple:

Tartness is just what we need at times like these, and that’s why green apple-flavored candies would be the perfect choice with its natural ingredients too. We love how lighter in weight this candy feels but with a delicious flavor like this, who cares about weight? We swear by the fact that you will not feel any guilt with each bite of your anxiety relief gummy bears.

8) Sour Watermelon:

A more unexpected taste, this one features a sour watermelon flavor that is not as harsh on your mouth as the cherry brand. The gummy pieces themselves are shaped like little hearts, and some vibrant colors like orange and green make it look very appealing. You can’t deny that this is one candy you would love to have around when the anxiety is acting up.

9) Peach-A-Berry:

We were delighted when this candy came our way with its amazing scent of peach and berries. This is a combination that will never get old, especially if you are someone who loves their fruit candies. You can expect these gummies to be very sweet with just the right amount of tangy, fruity taste in every bite you take of them! Now, how about that?

10) Tangerine Twist:

Behold another type of citrus candy with this delectable tangerine twist flavor, which has an orange-yellow color to it too. The smell of oranges will make your taste buds go insane, and this flavor is one that people who like citrus fruits definitely cannot miss out on.

11) Blue Raspberry:

Bringing you back to the days of your childhood with this blue raspberry flavor is one that can make anyone happy. With a very distinct taste, these gummies are something that you will want to munch on over and over again because they offer an amazing experience for all kinds of candy lovers.

12) Pink Lemonade:

When life gives you lemons, you make pink lemonade, right? Well, this flavor mixes both the sweetness of the candy world with sourness, so if you want something tangy or sour with hints of sweetness, then this is definitely what you should try out! The color of these candies is also extremely bright, so they look enticing as well.

13) Buttered Popcorn:

Moving on from fruit flavors to something savory, this popcorn-flavored gummy candy will satisfy all your cravings for the snack on movie nights without having to ruin your appetite. The taste is so authentic that you might even start craving it while watching a movie but just remember that one of the main ingredients of these candies is sugar!

14) Blueberry Blast:

This is a fruit flavor that was developed for those who love blueberries – the small round berries that grow on bushes in temperate regions all over the world! The specific taste of these little berries isn’t too strong, but it’s just enough to give you a good taste in your mouth.

15) Wild Strawberry:

This is a flavor that people have been asking for, and the company delivered! It’s not quite as sweet as strawberry candy, but it gives you a near-similar taste to licking strawberries which will make your mouth water. The color of this one is much lighter than other flavors, so be careful not to confuse it with cherry or pineapple!


In this blog, I have elaborated on the different types of Gummies that are available in the market. So, choose your favorite one and enjoy eating them with friends and family members. Hope you will like it. Stay tuned for more updates from us.


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