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8 Amazing Place to visit in Karnataka

Karnataka the gorgeous land in Southern India is a lovely location to be in within the Indian subcontinent. It is a paradise for travelers, with the most perfect travel destinations and fascinating memories of travel, Karnataka is a must go to destination in India. You must have heard the name of this state as an answers to a question, which is the largest coffee producing state of india


Palolem is a gorgeous area that is a perfect beach spot for visitors to this region within the state of Karnataka. It is situated about 25kms of Margao which is the main Goan city, it is about 30kms away from Karwar town, which is located in the State of Karnataka.

This beach has the most clean beaches and has the most beautiful scenery in this region of the country. You can live in the Beachfront resort Rocky Point to enjoy the fascinating sights from your window. The shallow waters give the swimmers an enjoyable time, it is a great place for swimmers of all ages. It is mostly used by fishermen. It is also frequented by tourists from abroad who enjoy the delights of this gorgeous and stunning area. You can also take ride of sunset cruise Orlando FL, make your best memories on the waves.


Go to Gokarna the picturesque village situated in the northern region of Karnataka and located within the Agnashini as well as the Gangvali Rivers. With the shores of Karwar offering stunning visual pleasures, Gokarna is a name that has been used for a long time. Gokarna is unique , and originates from the word Go which means Cow and Karma which means Ear. Legend says that the god Lord Shiva was born in this region out of the cow’s ear hence is the term Gokarna. The land comprised the Sodhe as well as the Vijaynagar kingdom , and later the Portuguese were in charge of it.

St. Mary’s Island

It is located around 58 kilometers away from Mangalore It is a stunning island on the northern part of Malpe town. This island offers great tourist attractions for people from all over the country , and is the perfect getaway for the majority people who wish to experience something new. The island group is located 58 km from Mangalore. Mangalore and is well-known most for its array of basalt rocks which have formed into long columns, and then split into a hexagonal mosaics.

Malpe is another charming village located here, and is a fantastic fishing port on the western part of India. It is home to some of the stunning views and is located around 5km from the southwest of Udupi town. It is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a bath in the sea.

St. Mary’s islands are accessible via ferry service from Malpe. The legend says the island was discovered by Vasco Da Gama landed on this island in 1498 before he arrived at Calicut. The islands are the result of the formations of rock that have been carved into their respective regions of the Arabian Sea around the village of Malpe.

The island looks stunning with the beautiful hue of the ocean reflecting onto the land. The island that is the northernmost has a size of about a square mile in size and is less than 250 yards wide in total. It is the only Indian destination in which you can spot the basaltic rock in such stunning patterns. One great destination is big banyan vineyard that is a paradise for wine enthusiasts.

Researchers, students and philosophers have been flocking to this location for the sheer pleasure of this rock formation, and have conducted studies and research projects about this rock. With a playground for kids and a beautiful harbor for fishing, it is one of the areas in which you can practice your hand at fishing too. Bring some spice to your travels by becoming adventurous and taking the chance to gather some of the most beautiful shells in the world. They can be found scattered across the beach and are an amazing experience to visit this beautiful island in St. Mary’s Island. Take your water bottle and food along with you so that you don’t go with nothing to eat.


Bangalore is the stunning Karnataka capital city and is an ideal city to explore. Bangalore is blessed with a mild climate, and is the capital city of summer for the British Empire in this city. Bangalore has a variety of attractions to visiting and is among the most popular destinations to visit in Karnataka.

It is accessible by road, air and rail, this is one city that allows you to experience the mix of old and new practices. Bangalore is home to many tourist spots such as those of the Cubbon Park, the Lal Bagh and the Bull temple and the Bangalore Palace and many more.


Bagalkot district can be a beautiful area to visit in Karnataka. Visit this district and experience the center of commerce, trade, education and industry. Train and road access is available this is an ideal location and also has Belgaum as the closest airport.


It has been in existence in the past since Chalukya rule in India it was the Chalukya capital, too. It is located at the point of intersection between both the River Malaprabha and River Krishna This is a fantastic location for pilgrimage as well as a perfect trip.


One interesting area to explore located in Karnataka could be Belgaum. In existence since ancient times Belgaum is a region that can provide fascinating historical interest. The capital city of the Ratta Kings, it’s an modern city today. With a tiny airport and vital facilities, this is a town that is connected Bangalore with other cities in India.

Go to Belgaum and experience the beauty of the old oval fort that covers 100 acres. There is also the Jain temple as well as The Safa Mosque which are great tourist attractions in the area.

Gokak Falls

The waterfall is located at around 170ft It is a breathtaking aquatic delight that is a sight to behold on the River Ghatprabha. It flows into Gokak valley. Gokak valley, and it is an absolute trip-along.

With a myriad of other places such as Hampi and other tourist attractions, Karnataka is certainly a fantastic holiday destination.


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