6 ideas to Reuse Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes

When it comes to elevating the protection of the products along with enhancing the presentation of the products, customized packaging is simply matchless in the process as it helps to elevate the visuals of the design in a premium way along with protecting the products dynamically. Kraft boxes are now widely being used in the market as the design is perfect in the protective characteristics. These boxes are superior in stackable capacity and can easily resist the pressure of the stacking in the shipping and storage phase. The customization options available for the design are also perfect and can serve the businesses to promote their products in the market.

Why is the material perfect?

The modern market is one of the most competitive places for businesses to survive as different brands are providing their products at competitive rates, and the situation is highly difficult for new businesses. They are always looking for better and effective tactics that can serve them to provide the consumers with the best ever experience and foster loyalty among them to ensure future sales.

Packaging can be the top tool for businesses as it serves them to elevate the experience for the consumers by ensuring the safe delivery of products to them in addition to the ultimate promotional potentials the design has. Boxes manufactured by Kraft can be the premium choice for businesses as the design. Is highly functional and can keep the risks of damage away from the products. The material is also versatile and sustainable in use and can be customized in any shape and size of choice. The available options for printing of the design are also perfect, and it can also be reused in a number of ways.

How to reuse it?

As Kraft is one of the most effective packaging materials available in the market, the application of the material is simply endless. From packaging heavy machinery equipment to jewelry and food, Kraft boxes are used in all the sectors of modern industry. As the risks of global warming and climate change are widely changing the ways we look at the sustainable nature of packaging. It is important to reuse the old packaging designs and give it a new life in an attempt to minimize the waste going to landfills. Kraft material is best for the process as it is manufactured from organic sources and can be recycled easily to make new packaging. It is eco-friendly and functional in nature and can also be used for DIY projects. Here are some of the unique ways you can use the material and minimize the waste going to landfills annually.

Make new packaging

As the Kraft material is highly functional, it can be used for a long period of time without losing its protective nature, but when it comes to recycling the old boxes, it is also highly perfect due to the sustainable characteristics of the design. These boxes are manufactured of pinewood pulp; thus, it can be easily processed and recycle for manufacturing new packaging and minimizing the dependence on new resources for manufacturing packaging.

Make coasters out of them

The material is also highly easy and convenient to handle and is flexible enough to be use in DIY projects. You can use the material to make a bundle of unique crafts at your home. You can use the customized and printed Kraft sheet to make coffee coasters at home. Always use the material that is laminate so that it can’t be damaged from moisture. Cut them in circles according to the dimensions of your cups, and you are good to go.

Use for re-gifting

Kraft packaging is highly functional and protective and can be used for a long period of time. If you are thinking about using the old Kraft packaging, you can simply use it in the gifting process. These boxes can ensure the protection of gifts along with elevating the visuals in a better way. Place your gift items in empty Kraft boxes and use ribbons and other sorts of embellishment on it.

Stylish storage

Packaging manufacture by Kraft is also highly sturdy and can help you to protect all sorts of products. You can also make use of big empty boxes manufactured by Kraft for making storage units at your home. Take the old packaging and coat it with one part of white glue and two parts of water. Apply any kind of fabric and let it dry. Punch holes for handles and add strings; you are good to go.

Magnetic bin

Everyone is looking for a way to keep their working space clean and tidy. And a small bin for paper trash can always come in handy. You can take any old box manufactured for Kraft for the process and wrap it in gift paper. Take a blade to cut the lid, and add a magnetic catch to it.

Compost out of Kraft

As we know that Kraft paper is manufacture out of pine wood pulp. You can make compost for the plants out of it due to its fertilizing ability. Simply shred old packaging and mix it in soil. Leave it there for a month, and your compost will be ready.