10 Little Known Facts About Diamonds in Dallas


Learning more about diamonds before buying them can give you the knowledge you need to determine the quality of diamonds to buy. Diamonds are pricey and investing in them should be a wise move, they can also be a great gift for people we value so better be familiar with them before the purchase. Loose diamonds can also be a good choice since they are perfect for customized jewelry, there are several loose diamond ideas in Dallas that can be recommended by jewelers. 

Facts You Need to Know About Diamonds 

Ancient Romans believed diamonds were poisonous and could ward off insanity. 

Ancient Romans used to wear diamonds to keep them away from ghosts and avoid nightmares. They also believe that wearing diamonds will prevent them from insanity and that diamonds are a good antidote for poison. That’s why they value diamonds that much. 

The first diamond engagement ring was recorded in 1477 

Engagement rings originated way back in the olden times, however, the engagement rings are only simple and engraved with the couple’s name. In 1477 Austrian Archduke Maximilian made a move that can change the symbol of the engagement ring and proposed to her fiance with an engagement ring with flat diamonds. This starts the recognition of the diamond engagement ring and is now carried up to this modern times. 

The most expensive diamond in the world is a 59.60-carat pink diamond that sold for $71.2 million US

Colorless diamonds may be expensive but natural colored diam5nd is the 59.60-carat pink diamond that amounted to $71.2 million! It was bought by Dr. Henry Cheng Kar-Shun a billionaire in Hongkong.

Diamond Dust Was Use as Poison by Catherine de Medici

Catherine de Medici is the wife of King Henry II of France and was known as the most powerful woman in Europe during the 16th century. She was allegedly known to be good in dark arts and is rumored to have been testing his diamond dust poison on the poor and sick people. 

The Largest Diamond in the World Weighs 3,106 Carats

This diamond was cut by Joseph Asscher who spend 6 months examining the diamond before he made the final cut. As he cut the diamond he fainted due to the pressure as the diamond shattered into 100 small stones and 9 large diamonds. The largest cut weighs 530 carats and was called the “Star of Africa”.

The Largest Diamond discovered in the Universe is 10 billion trillion trillion carats.

This diamond was found by astronomers in 2004. It is a white dwarf star located 50 light years from the earth and is made up f carbon that’s why it was considered a diamond.  

Diamond is known as the Hardest Substance in the World 

Diamonds are from under the earth’s crust and they are formed for billions of years which makes them unbreakable since they are the hardest substance in the world. It is proven that they are 58x harder than any other elements. 

The 50% weight of the diamond is lost during its polishing and cutting process. 

It takes a skilled diamond cutter to be able to reveal the beauty of the diamond and as they cut the diamond 50% of its weight is lost, however, when diamonds are polished and cut in their perfect shape then their value can be retained. 

Blue and Red are the Two rarest Diamond Color 

Getting colored diamonds is rare and they come in brilliant colors. The two rarest color diamond found is blue and red and they sure are pricelist. 

Diamonds are not always Mined

Way back in the olden times’ diamonds can be found at the bottom of the river or along rivers banks. 

Know more about diamonds in Dallas so you can have an idea where the diamonds you will be buying are coming from. The history of diamonds and the information play an important role in the value of the diamond so as a diamond owner getting familiar with them can be handy. There is more to know about diamonds to have a deeper understanding of what they symbolized and how they are valued. Know why diamond are pricey and why buying them can be considered an investment.


Diamonds weren’t always available to the public

Diamonds weren’t always available to the general public. During the twentieth-century France laid down a law, which indicated that only the King was allowed to wear diamond. If a peasant or non-royalty member of the community was seen wearing the fascinating gemstone they would be dealing with serious consequences. Around this time, diamond were exceptionally rare. It was the discovery of diamond in South Africa that changed the world diamond industry forever.


Scientists revealed that there are white dwarf stars in space that each contain a diamond core. But what’s even more fascinating is that the largest diamond in the universe weighs a whopping 2.27 thousand trillion tons and holds up to 10 billion carats in weight.


A diamond loses up to 50% of its weight during the cutting and polishing process

In order for a rough diamond to reach its full potential it will undergo a cutting and polishing process; during which, the diamond will lose up to 50% of its original rough carat weight on average. The trade off? A diamond cut to perfect proportion and symmetry will display the ultimate combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation.

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